Year 6 Science Fair

Written by: DU Zhuoyan, Y6C student

Before Chinese New Year, we held a Science Fair at YCIS. I was the journalist for this event, and I was in charge of interviewing and photography. The Year 6 students were busy with preparation for over one month prior to the Science Fair.

All of us arrived at the Gym at 10:15am. After everything was set up, we were waiting for the visitors to come. The Gym became so busy when the visitors came. So many people were looking around and the students were busy with introducing their own work. I looked around and noticed there was no visitor at Faye’s desk at that time. I decided to start my interview with Faye: “What is the biggest challenge of this experiment?”

Faye answered: “The egg became very dirty after soaking in the white vinegar. It was disgusting. There was no proper tool for me to pull it out and it was a big challenge for me.”

I interviewed Xiangyu from Y6A after that: “I would like to know more about your experiment; did you make it on your own?

Xiangyu answered proudly,” I made it on my own.” How amazing!

I interviewed some parents after that. One parent told me, “I was amazed by the experiment called How to Make an Apple Darker; it was interesting”.

I asked another parent: “Do you like the idea of letting your child participate in activities like this?”

“Yes, the children can show their scientific ability”. That is right. This was the central meaning of the fair.

All the experiments displayed in the Science Fair were excellent. They all had different characteristics. The students hosted their teachers, parents and classmates warmly; and presented the stages of their experiments in great detail. The students took this opportunity to display their studies and projects. I think this event was very meaningful, and I hope we can hold more events like it.