Student Voice: Make A Difference

Written by: Costanza Cavalleri, Y12A Student

The MAD Run first started a couple of years ago after being inspired by the Terri Fox Run, whose goal was to raise money and awareness for cancer. The goal of the MAD Run changed last year when the money raised from the run went to Hand-in-Hand. The hospice aims to help terminally ill patients feel the most comfortable during their last moments.

I took on the MAD Run this year because I have always loved what the MAD Run stood for. Being an IB student with a CAS Project requirement and support from ACAMIS, I took the opportunity to organize this event. The MAD Run was a great opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and do something which would impact a larger community than just my own. Along with the MAD Run event this year, a small group of students and I went to visit the hospice, Hand-in-Hand. We went to the hospice to meet up with the patients and their family, to learn more about what a hospice was and where all the money raised would go, and we left with a greater understanding of how important family and loved ones are. The experience was eye opening and very heartwarming making me and the rest of the MAD Run team even more motivated to organize a successful event.

Learning a lot from my brother’s experience organizing the run last year, the team and I have been collaborating in hopes to be even more successful than last year. I also hope to showcase the importance of hospices and raise awareness for all the happiness and comfort they bring to their patients.