Secondary School in the Spotlight

Written by Damien Hehir, Co-Principal 

Parents of younger children need to know the full picture of their child’s educational journey, so we take you into the Secondary School.   We take a glimpse at some of the exciting things that are taking place for our Year 6s and Secondary students at Century Park Campus.  Remember, you can always access Secondary information from our ECE & Primary News Blog Home Page.

For the sake of convenience for our parents, all school blogs now use the same password:  RPCP.  You can now use this password to access the Secondary School blogs as well.

The Academic Team
You might be interested to know who teaches in the Secondary School as well as know who are the Secondary School Leaders.  You can access the full directory of Secondary academic staff at the following location:

Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)
Our Secondary students can choose from a large range of CCAs at Century Park Campus. Our Year 6 students also benefit from these offerings as most activities are open to all students.  Click here for more details about the CCAs on offer: )


CAS Programme
You may have seen Secondary students helping out during some of the school events, for example at the Orientation Day supervising ECE & Primary students at the bouncy castle, or at the sign-in table at the Welcome Barbecue for new families. As a continuation from the exposure to charity-related events in ECE and Primary, and in line with the school’s Philosophy and Objectives, students from the Secondary School are expected to be actively involved in their community.  In the IB Diploma (Year 12-13), Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) is a core component of the IB programme.  For Lower Secondary and IGCSE students, the programe is called Community and Service (CAS). Click here for more detail about this important programme: )

University visits at Century Park Campus
In addition to having a school counsellor in ECE & Primary, the Secondary School employs a University and Guidance Counsellor. The success rate of university acceptances depends greatly on the application process. Our University Guidance and Counsellor, Timothy Gartz, has arranged for visits from many top universities to our school at the beginning of the academic year.  This has enabled parents and students to get detailed information about the universities they would be interested in applying for. If you are interested in attending the information sessions, click here to see the calendar visits: )

Co-Principals’ Message
Secondary News Blog has a regular feature called Co-Principals’ Message. As with Regency Park Campus, Century Park Campus has a Community Forum where everyone is welcome and can meet directly with the Secondary Campus Leadership Team. It takes place monthly and always integrates a useful and informative workshop held by their academic team! Our most recent forum included a presentation on the impact of digital devices on sleeping. This is also relevant for our ECE & Primary parents too! Click here to read their last message. (here: )


For more information, feel free to contact We will be happy to guide you to the corresponding departments and people in charge.