Active Parents at YCIS

Written by Roseline Yang (Community Relations Officer) & Nadine Runkel (POP Liaison Officer)

Parent Relations – Our “SCOOP’ Team

Parent Relations at YCIS plays a key role in our school, because we believe that a strong and close partnership between parents and the school will benefit the children.  Our aim therefore, is to facilitate as many opportunities for positive and meaningful interactions between the school and the parents during the course of the school year.   With parents and the school working closely in partnership. We are able to together, build a unique school community that cares about the environment in which our students will learn and grow.

Once your child joins our school, you as parents and caregivers automatically become members of POP (Parents Organisation Pudong).   Due to all the reasons explained above, YCIS has dedicated two staff members to work with Parents.  They are Roseline Yang, Community Relations Officer and Nadine Runkel, POP Liaison Officer.  Both of these hard working and commited ladies, ensure that parents are well informed, involved and valued.  If you have not had a chat with Roseline and Nadine, drop in and say ‘Hi’.

There are a number of activities and opportunities that POP has been involved in and we will share those with you:

Class Parent Representatives
From Early Childhood to Primary, two parent class representatives support the class teachers to relay information to parents whenever help is needed for fieldtrips, class parties, or even giving added-value to the programme.

Parent Guests and Helpers
Sharing parent expertise in specific fields has contributed to topics explored by the students within their class and year level. Some parents are also excited to share about their countries and cultural celebrations. Parents offering their time to help in preparing art decorations for class activities, art exhibition and drama plays have also definitely allowed teachers to focus on better quality teaching and outcomes.

Parent Coaches
Our Co-Curricular Activities have been growing over the past few years and parents have played an important role by helping to coach our sport teams.  There are now so many weekend teams playing that having parent coaches for these teams has become very important.  Our students are the beneficiaries, and have been able to enjoy themselves, whilst developing their skills!  I know the parents have certainly enjoyed the coaching experience, and many sign on again the next year.   Getting involved as Girl Scouts Leaders has also contributed to the personal development of our female students.

The POP Core Committee
We would also like to introduce our POP Core Committee for this school year. The following committed volunteers were voted onto the Core Committee in June and are excited to plan and carry out our favourite community events, like the POP Picnic and Bazaar, Spring Charity Brunch and Global Child Day – to name a few. If you would like to support the Core Committee by helping with a specific event or volunteer your time to help with the used uniforms or other projects, feel free to approach any of the POP Core Committee members, or Roseline and Nadine. We look forward to a great year together!

Kathy Hall (USA) – Co-Chairperson
Margaret Mark (USA) – Co-Chairperson
Debbie Shih (USA) – Co-Chairperson
Priyanka Chaturvedi (India) – Treasurer
Michelle Chen (Taiwan) – Core Member
Catherine Choe (Singapore) – Core Member
Jin Choi (Korea) – Korean Country Rep
Amy Chu (USA) – Core Member
Christa Douglass (USA) – Core Member
Ana Eccles (USA) – Core Member
Catalina Ibanez (Chile) – Core Member
Lan Li (China) – Chinese Country Rep
Maca Pedrero (Chile) – Core Member
Karen Shih (USA) – Core Member
Grace Sudarma (Indonesia) – Core Member
Linda Yang (China) – Chinese Country Rep

You can usually find us in one of the Parent Rooms (ECE Basement, near the RP Courtyard or at Century Park Campus in the school office (Rm B116) or in the Scoop Office (adjacent to the RP Parent Room). We are here to help you, work with you and most importantly, to build a strong school community WITH you, our parents.

Together with POP and its Core Committee, we facilitate events, workshops and tours for parents – from parents. We are always looking for good “Scoops” –  any great news or photos you would like to share with the community, and our door is always open.

If you have concerns, comments or suggestions – come and see us and we would be happy to help you or point you in the right direction! We look forward to an inspiring and unforgettable school year 2017-18!