My Christmas Holiday in Vietnam

Written by by Jaymee Hehir in Year 6C

This year for the Christmas holiday, me, my family and my grandparents went to Nha Trang, Vietnam. Me and my family usually go to Australia, Adelaide where my Nana and Papa live and celebrate Christmas with them, but we tried something different this year.

The six of us left the house at around seven o’clock in the morning. A car picked us up and took us to the airport. Our first flight was to Guang Zhou and the second flight was to Nha Trang. The flights were pretty boring so I was glad when we finally arrived.

When we first walked out of the Nha Trang Airport, I couldn’t wait to see what our hotel would look like. The temperature was warm and humid unlike Shanghai at the moment which is FREEZING!

Something really fun we did was go snorkelling. We went on a speed boat to the middle of the ocean where we would snorkel. It was my first time so I felt nervous but really excited too. When we finally arrived, dad, who had snorkeled before, said he would go first. He put on his snorkeling mask and jumped into the water without a life jacket because he knew how to swim really well. I decided to go next so I buckled up my life jacket for safety and then followed what dad did. The sea water was kind of cold at first but after I swam a little, the water felt warmer. After some help from dad and a few tries, I was able to snorkel just like dad could. Me and dad began swimming and we saw lots of small fish and colourful coral reefs. It was AMAZING! And a great experience for me!

Another really COOL thing we did in Nha Trang was parasailing. Two people could go on one parachute so me and dad went first together. The professionals there helped tie our safety belt onto the parachute, then the parachute began rising higher and higher. When we reached the top, I felt like a bird flying. There was a BEAUTIFUL view of the ocean and Nha Trang up there. I could actually see the hotel I stayed in which was called “Novotel”. After me and dad were done, mum and Jessica had their turn. I really wished I could do it again but we didn’t have time. I hope I’ll do it again sometime.

Playing at the beach which was right across the street from our hotel was really fun too. Me and Jessica splashed around in the waves and swam too. The waves were pretty big and strong and we kept getting knocked over. Me and Jessica also made a really COOL sandcastle and made huge walls to protect it from being destroyed by the big and strong waves, but the next day, it had disappeared.

This Christmas holiday in Vietnam, Nha Trang was really AWESOME! I would definitely recommend it. It was a great experience for me and there is so much more for me to try there. I LOVE VIETNAM!