Student Focus: New Year’s Resolutions

Written by Andrea Griego (Student Support Coordinator) 

For children, a New Year’s resolution can be confusing. One Y2 child said, “I think that it happens in New York,” and another Y2 student said, “ Is it a revolution?” For younger students this may be something of a mystery but for our Upper Primary students, this is something they have been planning.


In Year 4, the writing homework focused on New Year’s resolutions, so not only did students have a resolution, but they were ready to talk about it too. Nathan Yan said that his resolution was to be more respectful to his friends.

Nicholas Shaw (Y4A)

When asked why, he stated, “I want to make more friends and for everyone to like me.” As a Global Citizen, he said that this would be a good example for others on how to treat and cherish friends. Nicholas Shaw in Y4A stated that his resolution was to spend more time with his baby sister. He says he usually plays with his younger sister but the baby usually doesn’t get much time with him. He hopes that by spending more time with her, he will help her learn more things. He said, “Maybe if people see me spending time with my sister they will want to spend more time with their brother or sister and want to teach them things too.” Adison Chow said, “My New Year’s resolution is to be more responsible, sometimes I forget to bring things to school and I hope this will help me.” She says that by being more responsible, she can also help others be responsible too.

Nicholas Shaw, Nathan Yan & Adison Chow
Miguel Garat & Daphne Cheng


In Year 5, student New Year’s resolutions were focused on academics. Daphne Cheng said that her resolution was to get “EE” in both Chinese and Mathematics. She said that in Year 3, Mathematics was her least favorite subject and she did not do well. Over time she has improved and actually likes Mathematics now, so much so that she is shooting for a top grade. As a Global Citizen, she says her resolution may help others because in the future she can teach others new strategies for Mathematics to make it easier for them. She hopes that other children that find Mathematics challenging will follow in her footsteps and grow to like it. Miguel Garat says his resolution is to, “read bigger chapter books.” He thinks by doing this, he will improve his reading speed and he will also gain knowledge that he can share with others. He thinks this will come in especially useful when he meets new people and will have many things to share with them because of the knowledge he will gain from his voracious reading.

Happy New Year and all the best with your New Year’s Resolution!