Secondary Students’ EOTC Excursions in China

Edited by Roseline Yang (Community Relations Officer)

a5-picture1What does EOTC stand for and what is the purpose?

EOTC – Education Outside the Classroom – is an educationally enriching programme for Secondary students to gain insights into Chinese culture, geography and history by visiting various regions throughout China. Our Year 7 to Year 10 students recently came back from these overnight excursions full of knowledge, self-reflection, and cultural awareness, feeling part of one and the same learning community.

  • a5-picture1Where did the students go this year?

Different parts of China with a full-program including cultural and sporting activities. Click on the blue links (password: family) to see photos to know more about their learning and re-live their adventure during that week!

a5-picture-2Year 7- Xi’an(password: family):

Exploring a Muslim district, one student said his goal was to further respect culture diversity and other people’s backgrounds and beliefs. Another said he had grown so much during this trip.


During EOTC, I learned that you can overcome anything if you just believe in yourself –– Sasha Sia-Jacob

a5%ef%bc%9apicture3Year 8 – Yangshuo (password: family):

Surrounded by nature, one student shared that his most memorable moment was his first time rock climbing on a real rock wall. Another student was proud of his first time cooking dumplings.


I had to climb three trees! But we got the most pomelos and I won merits for my team. The farmers said we were the best group they’d seen! – Alexis Pableo

a5%ef%bc%9apicture5Year 9 – Fujian (password: family):

As for the Year 8s, there were many new challenges for these students with different activities including camping, rock climbing, cooking, tea making, to name a few. But most importantly, …


We challenged ourselves to climb the most difficult rocks and learned about the importance of great teamwork while kayaking. – Anna Chan, Catherine Xu, Nikita Xu, & Cherry Zhang

a5%ef%bc%9apicture-6Year 10 – Guizhou (password: family):

This trip was filled with a variety of challenges and cultural activities which included a Service Learning project to help restore a local school.


We brightened up the school and were rewarded with bright smiles on the students’ faces. – Sven Develing