Staff Focus: Roseline Yang

Nadine Runkel, POP Liaison Officer
Roseline Yang,  Community Relations Officer

With the departure in July of Parents Relations Officer, Moira
Macpherson after 10 years of service at YCIS, the Co-Principals decided to try a new approach to this key role in order to adapt to the school community’s needs and suggestions. They started by dividing the role of parent relations support in two: Nadine Runkel was hired to mainly focus on working with our POP Core Committee and support them with planning events, while Roseline Yang was hired to focus on helping the school community to strengthen their connections in order to offer a more meaningful experience for each stakeholder.

Roseline Yang has always lived and worked in an international, multicultural and multi-disciplinary environment. For Roseline working at YCIS is like a dream-come-true since having the opportunity to be involved in an international and multilingual high-quality educational project has been her aspiration for as long as she can remember.

staff-article-roseline-parisstaff-article-roseline-and-angeliqueBorn and raised within a Chinese family in a suburb of Paris, France, Roseline has always felt engaged and responsible for the education of her younger siblings, and she always had a fascination with teachers and the impact they could have on their students.  Roseline has a marketing and client service background in the world of Internet and new technologies, and has experience working in international schools.

Roseline arrived in Shanghai just in time for the 2010 World Expo with her Spanish husband and daughter and feels her role in Community Relations Officer suits her perfectly.  This is because:

  • She feels part of the third culture kids community like the foreign children raised in Shanghai
  • community-ballShe is also the mother of two children and therefore can embrace as a parent the diversity of a multicultural and multilingual education offered by YCIS Shanghai.
  • She is passionate about interculturality and believes that curiosity towards other cultures is the first step to understanding our own culture and improving relations with others.
  • She loves interacting with people, and learning from others and discovering new horizons and challenging one’s perspectives.
  • She is convinced that synergy and combining the strengths of each stakeholder is what brings out the magic of an organization, and therefore believes that anyone who has something to contribute is more than welcome.

Constantly seeking self-improvement and contributing to a better world, Roseline believes YCIS offers the ideal environment for learning, guiding and inspiring the next generations!

“I only started some weeks ago but I already feel so happy to be at YCIS because every day, I learn new things and I meet people and children who are kind, caring, friendly, considerate, humble, hardworking, striving for excellence, passionate, self-driven and really inspiring. And most importantly, I feel supported by the whole community and I know I will be able to thrive and develop to reach my full potential.”