New School Year, New International Students: Meet Luna in Year 5

Written by Andrea Griego (Student Support Coordinator)

student_new-from-korea-1Bravery and courage are two words that describe our students. These characteristics are seen even more so in those students who have moved to YCIS and are faced with a curriculum that is in not one, but two languages that are new to them. Luna Seo is one of these students and her bravery and courage shine through her smile and positive attitude. Although a bit scared when moving to Shanghai, she said she was, “excited and wanted to come.” Luna is from Seoul, Korea. She has moved here because of her father’s job.  Although she did learn a little English at her school in Korea, she had never learned any Mandarin. That has not stopped Luna from jumping right in. She says that Chinese is her favourite class so far and she really likes her Chinese Language teacher Ms. Lina Fey. Other teachers she has enjoyed are her classroom teachers Ms. Lor and Ms. Jin and her EAL teacher Ms. Tkaczuk. She thinks this year will be great.

student_new-from-korea          student_new-from-korea-2

Luna has especially liked getting to school in the morning. She says she lives nearby and that her mom brings her to school on a scooter. She thinks this is great fun and states that her family didn’t have a scooter in Korea. One thing Luna has found interesting about China is that when crossing the street she needs to be very careful with the cars and scooters; pedestrians don’t have the right of way. Luna is interested in ballet and wants to visit the museums in Shanghai. She is also wanting to go to Shanghai Disney in the near future. And like most kids, Luna loves puppies. She doesn’t have one but wants one. Lastly, she has made new friends at YCIS. Anisha, Julie and Julia have all welcomed Luna and she is glad that she has made new friends.