Student Focus: Rosanna Xu

Written by: Andrea Griego, Student Support & Wellbeing Coordinator


Year 5 student Rosanna Xu has established a routine here at YCIS since she began in Y2. She walks though the gates each morning greeting teachers, leaders, and students with a “Good Morning” and shy smile. She then continues with tremendous focus and a little fun throughout the day doing her best on her school work. Mr. Kitts says, “Rosanna is one of the most studious students that I have ever had the pleasure of teaching. She works exceptionally hard, listens attentively, and can produce exactly what you want of her (and more) the first time, every time.”Rosanna, being a top student, says her favorite school subject is Mathematics so you would never know she is also an extremely talented artist.

Rosanna says she began drawing when she was two and has continued with drawing and painting since. One of Rosanna’s artwork pieces was selected in a contest and she went to Japan to receive the prize. Rosanna’s mother says, “I have just been supporting Rosanna with developing her interest in art, but never really pushed her to take part in any competition.” She also said that because her daughter was so passionate about art, she just provided a space for her to develop her interest.

Like a true artist, Rosanna is somewhat of a perfectionist and employs a Growth Mindset to remind herself that it’s okay to make mistakes and have a ‘work-in-progress’. She loves to produce ‘the final product’ and strives for it to be the best it can possibly be. This attitude contributes to her talent as an artist, creator, designer and student in general. For Rosanna’s last birthday party, she decidedto have her very own Art Exhibition. This included painting and drawings from throughout her life. During the party, her friends were given the opportunity to explore their passion for art as well.