Co-Curricular Activities at YCIS

At YCIS, all students are individually acknowledged for their uniqueness, and the school continually strives to provide students with opportunities to hone their existing abilities, develop new skills, and to discover passions they never knew they had. This attitude toward student support and self-discovery extends beyond the classroom and the academics. It is for this reason that YCIS Pudong is so excited to share its extensive list of Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) available at both the Century Park and Regency Park campuses.

At the Century Park Campus, CCAs are divided into categories including Sports and Athletics, Performing Arts, and Clubs and Activities. Similarly, at the Regency Park Campus, CCAs are grouped under Academic, Active, Artistic, and Creative Categories. Within these categories, there are more than 50 activities at each campus from which the students may choose. This could be something that’s ideally suited to their passions and strengths, or an activity that is entirely new for the student. Throughout the year, students are encouraged to participate in activities across all of the categories.

For Secondary students, although it is just the beginning of the school year, there has already been strong participation in traditional sports, such as Basketball, Football, Hockey, Swimming, and Volleyball. CCAs as diverse as Environmental Awareness, Global Issues, Golf, Knitting, Model United Nations, Photography, Peking Opera, Rock Bands, Tai Chi, and Wellness are also all garnering interest from the student body. Many CCAs are led by our dedicated teaching staff, and there are also activities run by professional organisations, such as the Brother’s Hoops basketball programme.

For Primary students, it has also been a fantastic start to the sporting season with a buzz around the swimming and football programmes, and students actively engaged after school in ballet, gymnastics, Chinese calligraphy, junior choir, computer game design, Lego Robotics, Chess, and much more!

For both Primary and Secondary, we aim to nurture the students’ talents both inside and outside of the classroom. We believe CCAs are a fantastic way of expanding students’ horizons and introducing them to activities that supplement, enhance, and help balance their learning experiences at YCIS Pudong.