Art CCA Project Becomes a Community Event

Written by Lynn Xie

Recently a small class of Year 6 students acted as ambassadors in a joint effort with students from the Shanghai Puming Primary School directly across from the Century Park campus. These artistic students created a large banner using the letters and characters for Shanghai. Their final creation displays many of the things that come to mind for people who love this city that we all call home including the famous landmarks, the cuisine, the colors and the culture.

Together the students, a few of the students’ parents and teachers, visited the Lianyang Hospital where their Shanghai banner will brighten the children’s ward. After seeing where their art will hang to be appreciated by the public, everyone was invited to visit the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Cultural Experience Center on the second floor of the hospital where they learned about some of the famous practitioners of TCM and even got to make a packet of Chinese medicine to take home, which help students to have a better understanding of Chinese traditional medicine and cultures.

Although the end results of the few hours that the students spend together is a piece of art that is pleasing to the eye, one of the main purposes of the project was to foster interaction between the neighboring schools and the local community. Throughout the project each of the students served as a worthy ambassador of the school they represented.

Lianyang Community Center also reported this news. If you are interested in reading it, please click the link.