Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Week

Written by: Danielle Thal, Secondary Head of Science

Recently,  students and teachers at Century Park campus celebrated the contributions that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) have made to our world. These contributions would not be possible without the collaboration of people from different fields across the world, and STEM week emphasized this teamwork.

On Monday, students worked together by house to answer trivia questions. Green house took first place but all students could be seen working together to answer some tough questions.

On Tuesday we held our annual Periodic Table Bake Sale, which raised 2500RMB for the Million Tree Project. Many students contributed baked goods and time to run the event. The Year 12 and some select Year 10 students began their exploration of engineering with an explanation of stress analysis. This was to prepare them for their hands-on activity that took place on Friday. The process was one that engineers engage in on a regular basis and gave students a look at what this career is like.


Upper Secondary students were treated to a Skype interview from researcher and TedX presenter Claire Gorrie on Wednesday morning. She emphasized the role that technology has played in the study of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

The YCIS Rush is a favorite of students and took place on Thursday afternoon. The goal was for students to participate in short challenges that required problem-solving and communication skills. Year 6 and 7 students raced around the campus at the end of the day to solve questions for a STEM Scavenger Hunt.

We finished this exciting week with the Scientific and Mathematical Principle Dress up day. We saw interesting representations of concepts such as inequalities and mitosis. We closed the day with a talented group of professionals from the Design Technology and Engineering fields.