Environmentally Aware YCIS Community

Written by Roseline Yang (Community Relations Officer)

Every year, YCIS celebrates international Earth Day by dedicating a whole week to raise awareness of the importance of how to care for and protect the environment. In reality, this is not only a one-week event, but a continuous process across the years your child has been attending the school from ECE to Secondary and across the different subjects from Art in ECE to their Primary Character Education Assembly (e.g. Resourcefulness), and in their every day life at school.

At the beginning of the year, the children review the 3Rs (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle) and are constantly praised and encouraged to develop this environmental-friendly character. Some class teachers keep emphasizing Wednesday waste-free snacks and our Primary Art Teacher Anita Dai has made it a priority for all Year 5 students to only do art with recycled materials.

As you already know from the first semester, the students helped Ms. Hambleton sell Christmas decorations and tote bags to raise money for the Million Tree Project.  This contributes to the constant effort made by Secondary students to raise money through their events and meets the requirement to go on a trip to Inner Mongolia to plant trees! In the second semester, students have been focusing on the endangered animal species in their Science class and in their Art class. You can have a look at the video posted by the Art teacher in the Year level blogs. Year 5 and Year 6 students even did some research on this and wrote an article you can read in this newsletter!

This environment-friendly attitude is actually so ingrained in YCIS education that it is also reflected in after school activities with our Recycled Art class or with the Girls Scouts who have been working on the topic of saving water since last school year. In December, each group from the Brownies (Year 3 and 4 students) even gave an official presentation to Mr. Leo Lazo as well as to their younger Girl Scout sisters, the Daisies (Year 1 and 2 students), in order to share their learning and recommendations on how to save water.

If you are interested to find out in more detail what  our Secondary students are doing, feel free to:

  • Go and visit the Year 7 Charity Fair on April 21st from 12:45pm-1:40pm on the CP field where students will explain what they have learnt from their involvement in the charity project they chose. For more details, click here (password: family).
  • Go and watch the “Plastic Ocean” documentary on April 25th in the CP Theatre and listen to the guest speaker about the impact of plastic upon the planet. To book your seat, please click here.
  • Contact Secondary ECO Reps to get more details about what they are organizing for Environment Week at Century Park Campus and ask Mr. Gordon Wilkinson about how many students they will be able to send to Inner Mongolia to plant trees for the Million Tree Project (password: family)!