Back to School

Written by Damien Hehir (Co-Principal) 

back-to-school-copyThe buses are arranged, the ASAs booked, extra curricular schedule planned, and the homework has started…. It can only meet that we are back at school, and the new year has begun.  Co-Principal, Ms. Yu noted: “We have been very pleased with the start of the school year.  The students returned from the holidays full of energy and all well-prepared and the school was ready on time. The Parent Welcome events were also well attended.”

back-to-school-family-smallWe always appreciate and admire how well our students welcome new classmates.  It was so nice to see how our veteran students were helping new students to put their school diary into the correct boxes, showing children around the school, helping classmates in the cafeteria and making sure that no one was left playing alone. 

Vice Principal, Mr. Watson commented on the start of the school year: “One of my favourite times of the school year is on the very first day.  There is something very special about watching all the students eagerly coming into school, dressed in their crisp new uniforms, enthusiastically meeting up with friends who they haven’t seen for a couple of months. This year, however, what struck me most was not just their enthusiasm to come to school, but also how prepared and ready they were to start the new school year. “

One of our veteran Chinese Teachers and Leaders, Ms. Shen has recently been appointed to the role of Head of Primary Chinese.  Ms. Shen’s response to how the new year has started was somewhat more poetic.  She commented: Farewell to the peace of the holiday. Our beautiful campus has been brought to life by cheers and laughter. It’s a brand new year, with hope and vision; carrying excitement and getting pleasure. We are back to school again, sailing together on a new adventure. I hope everyone will enjoy the new journey and appreciate the opportunities for growth.” 

back-to-school-ece-playingThe Early Childhood is always an interesting place to be in the first week of school.  Often there are tears in the first few days, and in the case of K2, it is not only the children who can be seen with a tear in their eye. According to ECE Coordinator, Ms. Martin, settling in time is very important.  She explained: It is important for all children to feel comfortable in their class and the settling in period takes time but by allowing this time the children learn how to interact with the new mini society they are creating in their classrooms. The beginning of the year has been exciting as the hallways are full of laughter and talking as children interact with each other and discover a new world of learning.”

back-to-school-awards-cropMr. Watson, believes that students setting goals for themselves is very important for all Primary children.  Mr. Watson explained: “We held assemblies within the first week of school, welcoming students to the new school year. At these assemblies, we discussed the importance of setting goals.  If you haven’t done so already, take a moment to ask your child which goals they have for the school year. If they are not sure, encourage them to think of a goal which is small, but achievable. It could be something as simple as reading more at home, getting a bronze award in the Mathletics programme, try out for a new sport, or join the student council.  Having goals, no matter how small they may appear to be, is an important step in helping your child develop independence for their own learning.”

So the new school year is here and the students are settled and it is full steam ahead from here.  All the best for a successful 2016-17.