Year 13


Hello Year 13!

Question: Ask Your Counselors!

The University Applications Guide is full of information to help you in your journey to university. We have everything you need to learn about quality university choices, timelines, application items, scholarships & other valuable tools.

Please review:
Application Items and Timeline and be prepared to share with your counselors your university list.
Be sure to sign up for the SAT before each deadline and make appointments with your counselors to discuss your university plans.  Once applications are sent be sure the university receives all the items necessary for a full review. Your counselors are here to discuss your university acceptance options and whenever possible help you enroll successfully by graduation.

Year 13 Lesson Plans 
Cycle Class Objectives Unit Objectives Resources Completed Tasks
1 – Welcome to Year 13 – Review Summer Activities Recap of Summer Tasks Questionnaire Review Essay/University List
2- Review Teacher Recommendation Invites & Prepare for Parent Interviews Preview first half of semester until Early Application Recommendation Invites, Course Teacher Profiles & invite parents Students will review their teacher recommendation invites, course profiles and invite parents to Year 13 interviews
3- Universities in Naviance Goal Setting for Year 13 Move Uinversity List to Colleges I’m Applying to on Naviance Naviance: Confirm University List
4- Review University Requirements Idenitify Requirements and Deadline Dates University Apps Guide Identifiy and post requirements Y13 Xcel
5- University: First Draft of personal statement or essay for all countries Present: different types of essays UK, US, and all other relevant countries Worksheet to structure(an outline) for UK, US, and Other Country Specific Essays Students will begin structuring a university essay
Mid-Autumn Festival 
7 – First Draft of personal statement or essay for all countries Outline and Draft Essay Writing Relevant Websites and Worksheet Students will finish and begin writing their supplement essays (1st one done in Y12)
8 – First Draft of personal statement or essay for all countries Complete Draft Writing & Begin Peer Essay Reviews University Essays Continue drafting essay to completion
9 – First Draft of personal statement or essay for all countries Present peer essay reviews Peer Essay review Worksheet Students will complete peer essay review
10 – Online Applications: UCAS, Common App etc. Input personal contact info & review relevant application portals relevant application websites Save personal contact details in online applications
11 – Online Applications: UCAS, Common App etc. Continue work on online applications relevant application websites Continue working on Online Application Portals
12 – Online Applications: UCAS, Common App etc.  & prepare to send Continue work on online applications & make appointment to send relevant application websites & counselor schedule Prepare to send online applications
Semester 2 Begins
1- Univeristy: Interview and What questions to ask university representatives Review purpose and structure of College Interviews Mock Interview Simulation Students will go thru a mock interview
2- University: Mid Year Transcript Requests & Next Steps Students will identify mid year transcripts and prepare to send them to university Transcrips Work with Counselor to Send
3- Career Skills: Prepare for Summer Programs Fair Presentations Students identify a summer program to share with Y9-12s University Apps Guide: Summer Program Directory Students will identify an organization and prepare their presentations for the fair
4- Career Skills: Identify Majors & University Internship Programs Students will learn about internship and job opportunities on their selected campuses University Websites Students will share findings with the class
5- Career Skills: Prepare for University Preview Night Students will prepare for univeristy panel Discussion and questions for the Y13 Panel Students are fully prepared for University Preview Night Y13 Panel
Chinese New Year
6- University: Prepare for Mock Exams Students will review their  Mock Exam Schedule. Focus attention on study methods and exam performance advice Mock Interview Schedule and Group Discussion Students will feel more confident heading into their IB Mock Exams
IB Mock Exams
9 – College Transition Introduction Transition to College Power Point – Introduction Students will learn key and important differences from YCIS and their intended university campus in lifestyle, studying and ways to be successful
10 – Drugs, Alcohol, Sex & Safety Transition to College Power Point Students will learn about the alcohol and drug culture on their intended campus and the harmful effects of use
11 – Academic, Life, Money & Time Management Skills Transition to College Power Point Students will learn important life skills needed as they transition to university
12- Roommates, Communication & Boundaries Transition to College Power Point Students will learn ways to advocate for themselves and their rights at university & ways to communicate effectively
14- YCIS Exit Surveys and Y12 Advice Transition to College Exit Surveys and Contact Details Students will share advice to younger students and secure university plans to date