Year 13 University Guidance Course 



The year 13 University Guidance Course will focus on applications until Winter Break. During this time we will focus attention on completing: The Naviance Resume (Teacher Recommendations), Essay & Personal Statement Writing, Online Applications, and University Testing that will lead us to successful sending of our applications before the due date.

The second half of the year January – June we will have sessions devoted to the international school counseling model in the domains of: Academic, Social, Personal, and Global Perspectives. These will be thematic sessions with one topic presented each time. Student interests will help determine the best use of these sessions.

Advisory Sessions August – December 2014

  • AUGUST : Introductions, Progress & Naviance Resume 
  • SEPTEMBER : Finalising Naviance Resume / Sha
  • DECEMBER                                                                                                                                                          

Use the Year 13 Checklist to complete these items:

1. Update Resume & Share with Teachers writing Recommendations

– Speak with teachers 1:1 about your college plans

2. Complete your University List – Post it to “Colleges I’m Applying To”
– Work with Advisers & Counselors to approve your list
– Use Compare Me on College Tab in Naviance to see if it is a Reach, Dream or Safe University
3. Identify University Requirements & Post to Naviance Planner “To Do List”

– Include Type of Online Application, Deadline Date and Requirements to complete

4. Obtain all High School Transcripts Grade 9 – 12

– Acquire prior Hard Copy Transcripts of Every HS Attended Since G9

5. College Tests
– Sign up for TOEFL/IELTS, ACT / SAT
(See Application Items for Deadlines and Instructions)
Due Date to Finish these Items is September mid September
when we turn our attention to College Essays
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