YCIS Year 10

Year 10 Lesson Plans
Cycle Class CE Objectives Class Objectives Unit Objectives Resources Completed Tasks
1 – Introdution/mindset Course & Naviance Introduction,  Beginnings: Looking Back- Forward- GM Introduction & Y10 Focus Power Point, Naviance & Ice Breakers Focus of the year is clarified & Students feel welcomed
2- Goalsetting- Naviance Goalsetting: Service, Leadership, Clubs & Sports Transition to High  School Power Point & Goal Setting worksheet Four Year Academic Plan & Survey on what skills are needed
3 – Naviance Assessment & Intro Provide Overview to Naviance & University Applications Guide Transition to High  School Naviance & Career Assessment Complete Do What You Are Inventory
4 – Career Interview Preparation Students identify a career to explore and interview a professional Career Assessment & Exploration Interview Questions, Modeling, and discussion to identify an interviewee Students effectively who & how to interview
5 – Career Interview Presentation Students share their interviews Career Assessment & Exploration Powerpoint & Discussion Students each share their interviews with the class
Mid Autumn Festival
6 – Career & Education Connection Understand how current studies lead to effecive careers focus on note-taking and study techniques Career Assessment & Exploration Power Point Student Progress Reports
7- Understanding Anxiety & Test Performance Communication (oral and verbal) Approaches to Learning Anxiety Test Student Survey Students identify their stress levels and ways to reduce them. (internal and external resources)
8- Understanding Depression Case Study on how apply Effective Communication when needed Approaches to Learning Power Point and activity Students understand depression and ways to elevate mood effectively when needed
9- Understanding: Teen SuicideAwareness Students understand factors that may lead to suicide & prevention Approaches to Learning Poawerpoint & Class Activity Students understand warning signs of suicide and ways to assist others
12- Dig Cit- Cyberbullying Digital Footprint Academic Skills – Design Cycle College Bound website Have a research topic in mind
10- Academc Skills: Exam Prep Approaches to Learning – Organization & Study  Skills  to Succedd on Exams Approaches to Learning – Organization & Study Skills Group Discussion & Power point Students prepare a study schedule and identify best test performance methods
Semester 2 Begins
1 – Goal-Setting:Semester 2 (Leadership, Service, and Clubs & Sports) Learning how to study Approaches to Learning – Organization & Study Skills YCIS Student Support Survey Students identify current course progress and ways to improve
2- Review YCIS Student Support Survey Understand balance & healthy living Approaches to Learning – Organization & Study Skills YCIS Student Support Survey Students review their lifestyle and make goals to be more balanced
3 – Dig Cit- Sexting/relationships/Risky online behaviour Sexual rights on campus Personal Safety Power Point Finalize Research topic
4- Sexuality Students consider their own sexuality and ways to be respectful of others rights Personal Safety Powerpoint & Discussion Demonstrate understanding
5- Alcohol and Drug Use Identify understanding of alcoholism and drug addiction Personal Safety Powerpoint & Discussion Understand Alcohol Dependency and Harms of Recreational/Hard Drug Use
Chinese New Year
6- Family Relationships Famiily Dynamics and role in personal success & safety Personal Safety Powerpoint, Genograms, Discussion Complete Genograms (Family History Maps & identify intergenerational patterns
7- Finding Blance Review YCIS Student Support Survey Review student support survey and discuss effective ways to find balance in healthy living Personal Safety Group Discussion & YCIS Student Support Survey Students will identify 3 ways to find better balance in daily living
8- Identify Careers & Complete Requirements listed in University Applications Guide Studnets will look at 3 different careers and identfy effective personal and academic skills needed to succeed Career Assessment & Exploration University Applications Guide Students will find 1 Career & complete requirements about one.
9- Personal Skills Needed to Succeed in Careers Studnets will look at 3 different careers and identfy effective personal and academic skills needed to succeed Career Assessment & Exploration University Applications Guide Students will present their findings to the class
10- Academic Progress & Planning Introduction to Presentation Skills & Planning your Presentation Career Assessment & Exploration Presentation Worksheet & Outline Students will identfy a topic & complete an outline of their presentaion
Easter Holiday
12- Class Presentations Class Presentations: Overview of Personal, Academic or Career Topic & Teacher Expectations Summative Assessment Presentation Students choose a topic in pairs to present a 15min presentation Begin Outline of Idieas and choose presenatiton time
13- Class Presentations Class Presentations Summative Assessment Presentation Students complete their preparation and begin Presentation Complete
14- Class Presentations Class Presentations Summative Assessment Presentation Students provide presentations & review course Presentation Complete
15- Academic Progress & Planning Goal Setting: Study Plans & Effective Study Methods for Finals Approaches to Learning – Organization & Study Skills Powerpoing and Action Plans Action Plans completed
16- Prepare for YCIS CP Careers Day Identify the purpose and benefits of Careers Day Career Assessment & Exploration Powerpoint and University Apps Guide & Careers Day Worksheet Students Identify & Prepare Careers Day Group and Questions

YCIS Year 10 Resources

My Road – Collegeboard  

  • Take a validated personality assessment to get a detailed report on your personality type
  • Explore a list of suggested careers and majors that fit your personality and strengths
  • Search for colleges by location, major, cost, and much more
  • Find out what students and professionals have to say about their choices
  • Get tips on applying to college and succeeding in high school and beyond
  • Create an online portfolio for college and career planning

Naviance Family Connection

Naviance Tutorial: AIS Naviance Tutorial Videos This tutorial highlights the many features available to you in Naviance Family Connection. Our university application platform. By viewing the videos you will easily come to know how you can make the most of the site and how it can help you organize your college and career plans. The videos may play either as a playlist or you can select a specific Naviance feature you wish to learn more about.  I wish to Thank Shailee Shah and Sara Al Rowailly for their efforts in producing these videos.

Why Take the PSAT?

Learn About Careers

60 Second Career Focused Videos