Application Overview

  • Create an attractive & balanced University List: Approved by your Parents/Counselors
    (Be both Optimistic & Realistic)
  • Know University Deadlines! (Submit application on time / Early Application / Rolling Admissions. Please read this article to understand your options.

Below, we review the 3 components to complete an application: Online Application / School Records / Entrance Exams. We also look at helpful links to understand university choice, scholarships, accreditation and more.

Application Items: (What’s Needed (Priority Order)

1). High School Transcript & Strength of Schedule – shows your academic progress, strengths  of schedule and grades earned from Year 10 – 13. Your Transcript is crucial in showing your preparation for university work: both in grades & degree of difficulty in HL courses.

2). IB Predicted Grades
Are like any university throughout the world a #1 determining factor for admission. These will need to be submitted on time with help from your university counsellor.
3). Carefully Crafted Essay / Recommendation Letters / Online Application etc.

Having a powerful & unique student voice is how you are noticed by the admissions committees who review thousands of applications each year. The essay is simply the most important application item you have control over after grades/test scores. While Grades/ Test Scores earn you realistic chances of admission – these items are what seals the deal.
– Please see the Application Items Essays and Personal Statements tab for valuable assistance in writing.

4). Letters of Recommendation
Often 2 teachers and 1 Counselor – yet the number is institution specific:
Choose your teachers carefully
1. Those who know you best / Positive Relationship
2. Who can speak of your best qualities
3. Who can link your High School learning to University & Career Potential & Success

* They should add to your unique voice & promote you in the best way!

Remember:  To best help those who write for you:
Craft a Winning Recommendation Invitation Letter & Overview of your YCIS High School Experience In:
My Profile & My Recommendation

5). College Entrance Tests: to level the playing field universities use the SAT/ACT to gauge a student’s skill level. Interchangeably these tests earn a score that will either open or close university options. Be mindful that if you have a strong Transcript and IB Predicted Grades but are not a strong test taker there are USA universities that are test optional schools. Scroll down for the full list. However, you should also be aware that some universities may require the SAT 1 & 2 with even up to 3 subject tests. Alternately, you may take the ACT that is offered on our campus. English proficiency tests are also required especially for any international student without an Australian, Canadian or British Passport. For details on each of these tests please go to the Application Items tabs to learn more and how to register.

Online Applications

Each University will provide you an online application. This will either be thru:
1. Common Application
2. Naviance
3. Coalition
4. University of California
5. Individual University Websites – if you find a university is not a member school of Common App or the Coalition go to the University’s Application page.

Welcome to Common App Ready, your comprehensive Common Application training resource. These 3 links are designed to help students, parents, colleagues, or anyone else who would benefit from learning about the Common Application.

Note: Common Application is aligned with Naviance & you will need an account in both set up. Common Application has over 500 USA universities that are quite popular giving you a place to complete applications in a 1 stop location.  We will be submitting all applications to the USA thru Naviance unless the university chooses their own method: (eg. University of California – system) For these universities you need to see their applications page to understand the requirements and ways to submit.

(Check under Applications Items to see the 10 that are needed and confirm this thru each university’s application website)

Coalition for Access

*Caution & Strongly Recommended: To save valuable time in applying wherever possible, choose Naviance and Common Application before choosing the Coalition.

The University of California

Specifically it’s Important to be aware of the A-G University Requirements for any campus in the UC System: University of California Admission Requirements

Learn about the University of California campuses in these articles:

University Search & Planning Links

US News & World Report Best Colleges/rankings

 2018 Best Value Universities

Colleges that Change Lives 

Test Optional Universities 2017-18  &  Test Optional FairTest Site

DISCLAIMER: This should only be used as a guide. Students must check with each institution before applying. Sign Up for weekly updates about University Admissions
Acu Info Specific Data & Accurate Information on College/University
Big Future Collegeboard Powerful Search Engine, Planner, Financial Navigator & Career Explorer
College Week Live  Online College Virtual Tour
College Confidential Prospective students speak about College Quality & Choice
College Prowler College & Scholarship Search and more…
Education USA  Online Advising Center – Internationally Recognized
i-Student Global  Online Country Magazines featuring university profiles, scholarships and more
Petersons Guide Application Focus
Princeton Review Tutoring for SAT/ACT and college admissions counseling
Rate My Professors   Current University Students Rate their Professors!
US News and World Report An excellent guide & ranking site includes USA/Some International
UNIGO  USA Guide & Rate of Acceptance
University of Texas  Focus on showing Quality in University Choices & Accreditation

CIS University Connection Registry 

free database resource where you have the opportunity to directly interact with 500 CIS member universities and colleges worldwide. These are fully accredited universities and colleges in 26 countries that are actively seeking students with an international outlook. All participating universities/colleges sign a statement that they will use contact details only to send their own information/materials.  Students from all Schools are eligible to participate.

To take advantage of this service:

1.      Complete the Student Registration Form

More information about the CIS University Connection Registry may be found online.
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