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University Requirements by School

Once you have selected a University post it to Naviance: “Colleges I’m Thinking About” Page

Then: Go to their University Website: Admissions or How To Apply Section and post the requirements on your Naviance Planner.  

In your Search: Remember to Include these 4 Items

1. Name of University
2. Deadline Date
3. Application Requirements
4. Weblink Reference
 Example – Harvard Application Requirements

Here is an Example:
Harvard College: January 1, 2019 DeadlineFreshman Application Process
Thank you for your interest in Harvard College. We know there are many fine colleges and universities from which to choose, and we are happy that you are looking closely at the exciting opportunities available here in Cambridge.

Our admissions procedures are designed to give you maximum freedom and flexibility to present yourself in your own words. We hope you will respond in whatever ways you feel will best demonstrate your interests and accomplishments. Here are some recommendations we hope you will consider as you complete your application.

  • Candidates may complete testing (SAT or ACT with writing and two SAT Subject Tests) by using the January SAT or the February ACT dates, but we urge you to have your testing completed by the December date. Please note that in order for your application to be considered complete, your official test scores must submitted directly to Harvard by the testing agency on your behalf.

  • Keep copies of all materials submitted and ask your teachers to do the same. Materials can be lost in the mail.

  • Supplementary materials or portfolios may be submitted, but you should do so only if you have an unusual talent. Such materials are neither required nor expected as the required components of the application provide ample basis on which to make our decisions. Because we cannot return materials, applicants should send only duplicates.

  • Write about what matters to you. There are no “right” essay topics and no “right” answers.

  • Each admission decision is made without any regard for a candidate’s financial need — a policy we call “need-blind admission.” Indeed the Admissions Committee may respond favorably to evidence that a candidate has overcome significant obstacles, financial or otherwise. Once an applicant is admitted, we create an individual financial aid package that will enable that student’s family to meet the cost of attendance. Providing financial access to Harvard for every admitted student is one of our highest priorities.

Application Requirements: Quickview
(A more detailed list can be found on the Application Requirements page.)
$75 Application Fee or Waiver
Harvard Supplement
2 SAT Subject Tests
Secondary School Report and Mid-year School Report
Two Teacher Evaluations

Application Timeline: Quickview                                                                       (A more detailed list can be found on the Application Timeline page.)

Immediately Please send your Common Application or Universal Application and $75.00 fee or fee waiver request
December 1 The Admissions Committee begins reading applications on this date in the order in which they were completed
January 1 Final Postmark Deadline for all parts of your application
January Last SAT testing date for candidates
February Last ACT testing date for candidates
March 1 Financial Aid Deadline
Early April Decisions Mailed
May 1 Reply date for admitted students