The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Motto Vision & Mission

Our Motto: To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind.
The above is derived from the Chinese motto, quoted from the great Chinese classic Yijing (Book of Change) and two ancient treatises, one from Han dynasty and the other from pre-Qin times.

The original Chinese text can be paraphrased as follows: “Learn every truth and use the knowledge learned to accomplish every task” and “to learn; to serve”.

Our Vision: Be a leading university that excels in professional education, applied research and partnership for the betterment of Hong Kong, the nation and the world.
Our Mission
1. To nurture graduates who are critical thinkers, effective communicators, innovative problem solvers, lifelong learners and ethical leaders.
2. To advance knowledge and the frontiers of technology to meet the changing needs of society.
3. To support a University community in which all members can excel through education and scholarship.

Our four-year undergraduate curriculum

has been designed to prepare students to become “practical dreamers” of tomorrow so that they can serve the global society, challenge the present and enrich the future. The main features of our curriculum can be grouped into two categories:

  1. Preparing Students for Success in Their Chosen Professions
  2. Nurturing Students into All-Round Global Citizens

I. Preparing Students for Success in Their Chosen Professions

Rigorous Application Orientation
All of our programmes are application-oriented, meeting the needs of industries, the professions and the community, with an appropriate balance of theory and practice in the curriculum. Most of our academic programmes are accredited by relevant statutory or professional bodies, both local and overseas.

Strengthened Language and Communications Component
We aim to nurture our students to become effective communicators, both biliterate and trilingual (English and Chinese, including Putonghua). In addition to the English and Chinese language subjects in the core curriculum, extensive reading and writing components with adequate support from the teaching team are introduced to the general education programme and the discipline-specific curriculum.

Mandatory Work-Integrated Education (WIE)
All PolyU full-time undergraduate students will complete a mandatory WIE component to gain real-life experience in the actual workplace before graduation. This will enable our students to deepen their understanding of industries and professions, to apply classroom learning to deal with real-life problems, and to develop their workplace skills.

Enrich Students’ Experience with Industries and the Professions
With our strong and long-standing relationship with industries and the professions, we are able to organize many “out-of-classroom” learning activities (e.g. mentorship programme, talks by experts from various disciplines, site visits and study tours, industry-based student projects, etc.) that bring students closer to real-life professional practice.

This relationship has also further stepped up collaboration between the University and industries in research, high-level consultancy projects and knowledge transfer activities which in turn support the application orientation of our academic programmes.

Capstone Project
We include in all of our programmes a capstone project or thesis to enable students to consolidate their learning experience accumulated over the entire undergraduate study to deal with or solve a complex problem related to their profession/discipline. This will better prepare our students for professional practice or further studies.

Developing Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Problem-Solving Skills
We place a strong emphasis on nurturing students’ entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, as well as critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, and offer a wide range of curricular and co-curricular activities, e.g. PolyU Micro Fund for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Pilot Scheme, and PolyU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Global Student  Challenge, to help students develop these skills.

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