Switzerland has continually provided some of the best Hotel Management and Hospitality programs in the world. Beyond this, there are several strong university choices if students would like to attend. Below are these two categories of universities within this beautiful country – arguably one of the best places to live on earth.

Switzerland Universities

University of Zurich

University of Geneva

University of Lausanne

University of Bern

Top Hotel Management and Hospitality Universities

1. Ecole Hotelier Lusanne

2. Les Roches and Glion

3. Swiss Hotel Management School

Full List of Hotel Management Universities

 List of Hotel Management Universities

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In making your choice in which school to study – be careful and cautious about accreditation. Accreditation is an external status granted to an educational institution or program that has been found to meet or exceed stated standards of educational quality.

It is awarded based on an intensive multi-year process, both of internal self-study by faculty, administration and associated stakeholders on the one side; and students, alumni and industry stakeholders on the other. In this study, the institution must demonstrate continuous improvements in learning outcomes over minimum three or more years and it is culminated by a rigorous and extensive external peer-review process and audit by business stakeholders and experts from higher education. The entire process is designed to measure and validate the quality of the educational program the learning experience- and learning outcomes offered to students.

So make sure the university is fully accredited and is viewed positively by international organizations and hotels world-wide.

Other considerations
Include  Program Cost, Internship Opportunities, and International Student Serviced provided.

If you consider Les Roches & Glion: Keep in Mind you can only apply to one or the other