Study Focus and Career Choice

Applying to University is the first step to beginning your career. As choices made right out of YCIS High School often determine

your career pathways. While it is possible to transfer university majors (particularly in the USA/ Canada) it is much more difficult to do so in other countries such as Hong Kong or the UK – where you apply to specific faculties.

To help you determine which study focus or major is right for you it is very good to know your talents and aptitude. To help: here are a few resources:

1. Video: If $ Were No Object

2. Online: Naviance Do What You Are

3. Online:  Jung Typology Test

One way to help in selecting a major for university is to see the end from the beginning. 3 Scenarios: Power of Combining Interests  (eg. Law / Science) / (Psychology / Education) / (Math/Medicine)

1. Earn a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering then Apply & Graduate from Law School.
– Upon Graduation you have a right to practice law and can represent chemical engineering companies (being highly sought after for having a degree in both)

2. Psychology is highly attractive university degree. It is a strong foundation for other careers: Political Science, Law, Education, Health Service Fields. So, you may not want to practice Psychology such as being a therapist but use it to spring board to other careers later on.

3. Business Degree: Is particularly important to combine another interest – so many are graduating with an MBA for example

What will make you stand out? Accounting / Finance are tools that many others have. It is possible to do something that makes you unique. Consider your options carefully in deciding what you want to do / where you want to work.

* Importance of Interviews / Internships / Summer Programs:
It is very healthy to gain exposure from professionals about their jobs and both stressors/ joys of the work.

Internships can give you real world experience in High School in a profession so you can see how well it fits.

Finally, YCIS offers many summer programs to join that can further provide you exposure to careers before applying in Year 13. See University Application Guide – Summer Programs directory.
2. We will discuss this topic and then proceed to having a Debate on Alan Watts: Short Film
If $ Were no Object