Naviance Resume & Example

Where do I find the Naviance Resume:

You can find your individual Resume in Naviance Family Connection. 

Both Students and Parents from Y10-13 are privileged to have access. If you do not know your user name and password or have trouble signing into the site please contact Mr. Gartz who can help reset your log-in information.

What is the Naviance Resume:

The Naviance Resume: is one of many online tools to assist students in their university preparation and progress at YCIS. The Resume provides each student an opportunity to record your most significant activities, achievements, service and leadership opportunities at YCIS. It will grow and develop each year as you experience new things. It is and will become a helpful tool to document your history at the school, be a helpful springboard to internship, summer program and even job shadow opportunities. During year 12 and 13 it will provide vital information for teacher and counselor recommendation letters and essays.


While the Resume will be updated frequently each year of High School I wanted to provide a clear example of what a finished and approved Resume looks like.  The Resume below shows each section and what can be included to be helpful to you, your teachers and counselor.

Sincerely, Mr. Gartz


(The Resume begins with the Objective section as you share: your projected Study Major, Country Choice for University & Career Aspirations. In Year 11, the Objective changes to focus on your Job Shadow placement and what you’d like to experience most.)

Example: I would like to become an international school counselor. I hope to study in the UK (Imperial, University of London, Aston) and have a chance to live abroad in different countries during my professional life.


(The Summary is the place to post your greatest accomplishments in High School. Specifically, what (experiences, achievements, and opportunities) attract you to your stated objective. These ideas should be the best accomplishments in how to stand out as an attractive university applicant. Below are a few examples)

  1. Student Council: I have worked with the council to understand student needs and ways to present our concerns to improve the school to the administration. I have specifically been responsible for proposal to stop cyberbullying in school through a house poster competition during Spirit Week.
  2. In CAS, I have been responsible for promoting emotional health with our school counselor. We have made it easier to know ways to get help if a student feels depressed or has stress in tests and exams.
  3. In my courses I have found that I really enjoy Psychology and am taking it as an HL course. The assignments and course content help me recognize that this is something I am passionate about.
  4. I am in MUN and love to debate. I enjoy being involved with others who want to advance social issues and improve communities and nations in which we live. Last term, we went to Concordia MUN and I earned Best Proposal as a delegate of New Zealand. Focusing on Climate Change.

work experience

  • Work Experience should include 2 things: 1). Job Shadow Placement Reflection 2). Any paid work completed – a description of what you have done, your role and responsibilities, and impact on you and others.

Job Shadow Program
Shanghai East Medical Center – Psychiatric Center, Pudong, Shanghai

June, 2016 – June, 2016
40 hours/week
Total Hours: 40
Grade 11

For my Year 11 Job Shadow, I was placed in the Shanghai East Medical Center – Psychiatric Center. I was able to shadow a Psychiatrist and work alongside a Registered Social Worker. A highlight was organizing a group session based on fitness and emotional wellness. I was give alot of guidence by the professional counselors on site and gained alot of exposure to different patients during this week. It confirmed my choice to be in a helping profession.


  • In Education: Share how long you have been a student at YCIS. Where if any other HS you have attended. What are your HL &/ or Favorite Courses & What skills have you gained through the IGCSE & IB program.

YCIS Century Park, Pudong, Shanghai

IB Diploma
August, 2014 – Present

I have been a student of YCIS for 4 years. I came from Hong Kong where I studied at American International School. My favorite courses are in the Humanities: Social Studies, Geography and Psychology. My HL courses are: English A Lang/Lit, Psychology, and Mathematics. I have grown in my confidence as a student. Skills achieved include: class presentations through webinars and power point. I enjoy debate and have improved my writing skills. IB has continues to challenge me and I am working hard with Mr. Tomochko on my Extended Essay. Focused on the question Do those with mental health disorders have adequate access and care in Shanghai.

volunteer service

  • In Volunteer Service: Focus on 1). Meaningful CAS Activities 2). EOTC & Seeds of Hope Trips 3). Charity Involvement and YCIS Events you have helped volunteer in. Provide: 1. Clear Description of what the event was 2). Your Role and What you Did – Why was it meaningful to you? 3). Impact: how did it impact both you and those you served?

YCIS, Thailand, Chiangmai

November, 2016 – November, 2016
335 hours/week
Total Hours: 335
Grade 11

As a class, we went on a two week service trip. This trip allowed me to experience a lot of things for the first time. During the trip we lived in an international school, we had the chance to explore a new culture, the Thai Culture, we helped to wash elephants, and collaborate to cook ourselves a lunch, I accepted a challenge to go on a Zip Line, Kayak and bike. The most meaningful part of the trip was helping out in a village to build an extra toilet block for a local kindergarten, I helped to build the toilet block by mixing; pouring and carrying cement, sand and water. We also helped to teach and play with the children that made the whole experience really meaningful.

Seeds Of Hope Trip
YCIS, , China, Hebei

November, 2015 – November, 2015
16 hours/week
Total Hours: 16
Grade 11

As a class, we went on a five day service trip to a local school in Hebei. During the trip we were divided into groups where we collaborated to cook our own breakfast, lunch and dinner. Moreover, we planned classes for different subjects such as Art, English, and Math, for the local students everyday. It was important to devise full teaching lessons to excite the students into learning and participating. I found how challenging teaching can be but also the rewards of a successful lesson plan. We also took time to improve their village and share our culture with them. While Hebei is a poor area we enjoyed the chance to learn their lifestyle which is much simpler than ours. We learned the value of happiness coming from relationships instead of material things.

Shanghai Healing Home

September, 2015 – May, 2016
2 hours/week
Total Hours: 60
Grade 11

Shanghai healing home helps the local Chinese orphans with cleft conditions. Every week, on Wednesday, we visited infant babies there. Our aim was to provide them with a loving home-like environment. We played with them, assisted the workers in caring after the infants. Moreover, we did our best to provide a positive impact on the emotional and social development of these children. We further enriched their home life through music, reading, and art.

extracurricular activities

  • In Extracurricular Activities: Post all clubs, organizations you participate in regularly in within and outside the school community. Sports, Music, and Arts will come next…


September, 2015 – Present
1 hours/week
Total Hours: 50
Grades 10,11

In my first year of being a prefect I participated regularly to meetings and did my best to give useful advice as well as try to improve the group’s ideas. The most important achievement of this activity was drafting and getting approval of our off campus lunch policy. This policy taught me to never give up and the power of persuasion. Multiple times we were told the proposal would not be approved. However, through diligence and commitment to our goal it was eventually approved. It has been very satisfying to see that something I worked so hard on benefit so many in their school life. I am also very glad that this policy has been respected so far by all of the students. Its been a win-win situation.

Duke of Edinburgh

August, 2014 – Present
3 hours/week
Total Hours: 100
Grades 10,11

I have recently completed the requirements of the Silver award of Duke of Edinburgh. The categories I have worked under include: skill, sports and charity involvement. My skill referred to Prefect, Sports was personal gym workouts and charity involvement was my time spent at the orphanage and hospital. I have attended a 3 day trip to Moganshan. The Duke of Edinburgh is a certificate, which highlights an individual’s commitment to the three activities and their ability to endure and survive under environmental conditions (trip to nature, camping and cooking).

Student Council

August, 2014 – Present
1 hours/week
Grades 9,10,11

As a nominated member of the Student Council I have worked alongside other members with the purpose to improve our school and organize charity events. We put together a proposal to have a Spirit Week and I worked with the counselor to have a poster competition to improve mental and emotional health with a few others on the council. We are invited to administration meetings once a month and we bring the concerns of our classmates to these meetings. School start time, amount of homework, teacher-student relationships and positive school morale through events like Spirit Week have all been a focus of these meetings.


  • In Awards and Certificates: post any internal school or external awards that you are proud of. Here are a few examples but they are not in any way exhaustive. These can be both Academic and Non-Academic Awards (Skill Based)

Outstanding Cambridge Learner

June 2016
Grade 10I received the Highest Mark in China for High Achievement World Literature Cambridge IGCSE Exams, June 2016. The world literature mark is a combination of the IGCSE final world literature exams and the coursework which was one critical essay and one empathic essay. I found the exam less terrifying than I thought it would be. I really liked the question that was presented, to me it was quite easy to write about. Reading books, and doing the work properly, plus rechecking and checking the work helped a lot. What helped the most was probably listening to the teachers, I remember that for everything an interesting introduction is key. I think my strength was in the critical essay, since I am able to create a sustained analysis throughout the essay with an interesting opening and conclusion.

Chinese Achievement Award (CAL)

May 2016
Grade 10I was awarded the Chinese Achievement award, which is given to the highest achieving CAL (Chinese as a foreign language) student between Grades 6-11. I earned this award by my determination, performance and motivation to achieve in my course work whether it be in assessments, homework or class discussions. I began to took an active role in the subject and did all I that was expected of me. I eagerly volunteered for Chinese activities, and by doing so, I was able to increase my fluency in Chinese writing, speaking and reading.

DUX Award

June 2015
Grade 11I was awarded the DUX award in Grade 11, which is given to the highest achieving academic student in the year level. I was pleased to be recognized for my strong work ethic allowed for me to achieve this award. In each class and with each assessment, I was determined, focused and driven to get the best and I believed that played a factor in allowing me to reach high academic goals.

Skills/Academic Achievement

  • Here post any specific academic achievements that you are proud of. You may have already stated them in the section above. You could include any external achievements that have not been mentioned.

Participated in World Scholars Cup

August 2014
Skill level: Advanced

I have participated since year 10, and have continuously developed debate and essay writing skills. In WSC, we are given a series of topics that we must research including science, history, and a special area that changes every year. I have consistently placed in the top 15 for individual debate in the Shanghai round (last year had almost 400 people), proving I have good public speaking skills and can make effective points, which is essential for effective speaking and understanding multi-cultural perspectives.

Music/Artistic Achievement

  • Post your Music and Art achievements and participation again inside or outside school. Share again: a clear description, meaning to you and impact to you & others.

Piano ABRSM Level 10

August, 2016 – Present
5 hours/week
Total Hours: 100
Grades 10,11

For the past 3 years, I have attempted to complete a piano test. The test has a ranking from 0 on an achievement scale. This year I achieved level 10, which is just below performance level, and I passed the test. It’s been a very hardworking 4 months, I am practicing every single day. Sacrifice came along as well because it took place in the summer, so instead of going out with friends, I stayed at home for most of the summer holidays. Although my level is still at the amateur level, I am proud of my achievement. Level 10 shows that all the effort and time I spent has been rewarded by an official association – Chinese Musician Association.

Calligraphy Level 10

August, 2015 – Present
4 hours/week
Total Hours: 100
Grades 10,11

I started to practice calligraphy when I was in primary school. Each year I would take a test to see how much I had improved, and I would be rewarded with a new level once I passed it. Level 10 is the highest that be can achieved, and I’ve spent hours of practice just to get that certificate. Learning calligraphy and passing the test not only tells me that the hard work I’ve put into has been paid off, but also it extends my knowledge and character in being more disciplined to a craft.

athletic achievement

  • Here is where you can post all your athletic teams participation. You can use 1 sport over multiple years instead of having to re-enter the same sport in different years. The description could share how you developed as a player in different years and your unique experiences with each team in 1 entry.

YCIS Boys Basketball

September, 2014 – Present
5 hours/week
Total Hours: 50
Grades 9,10,11

I have been a member of the boys basketball team since grade 9. For so long and as far as I can remember I’ve been so passionate about sports. Throughout the years I have developed personally and as a team member. Playing basketball taught me different skills compared to soccer, or volleyball. The physicality of the sport itself was the biggest challenge for me at first. But over the years I worked out on and off the court to become better and stronger. Finally as I reached my junior year I was able to play with more aggression, going after every ball with total effort. Perseverance was the greatest lesson I’ve learned in Basketball whether in sports or academics.


  • In the Reference Section: You need to write a simple yet sincere message to 2 of your teachers who you would like to write a letter of recommendation for you. One should be related to your University Study Choice and the Other someone you trust and believe knows you well enough to promote you to successful admissions. You should also request a time to meet with them to share your finished and approved Resume. It is mandatory (required) that you speak with each teacher in person to discuss your college plans. Please let Mr. Gartz know once this is done.

YCIS Instructor
YCIS Century Park
<teacher email>

Dear YCIS Teacher,

You have been my IB HL Psychology teacher and I have really learned and grown as a result. Because of my CAS and Job Shadow experiences as well and perhaps most of all because of the projects completed in your course (Name 1 significant project) I am planning to study Psychology at the university level. I would very much appreciate the chance to discuss my most meaningful experiences within your course and share this Resume with you. Please let me know when you have time to meet with me.

Interested Student


  • Here post your leadership posts and years of service. The Leadership should be explained in other sections. If it has not then make sure you provide a full description, personal work experience and impact to you and others in the YCIS community here.
  • Student Council Class Representative 2016/17
  • Red House Captain, 2015/16
  • YCIS Prefect, 2015-2017
  • Basketball Team captain 2015/16

additional information

  • Here post your results from the “Do What You Are” Assessment Inventory on Naviance. State your 4 letter and full description as shown:

From “Do What You Are” Assessment: ENFP Extravert / Intuitive / Feeler / Perceivers He described his profile as: Very Accurate (85% or more) View Full Report Resources Extraverts prefer to: Focus their attention outward work on a variety of tasks seek out and interact with many people work at a rapid pace talk about their ideas to think them through iNtuitives prefer to: focus on “what on could be” rather than “what is” work with theories and ideas consider novel ideas and new possibilities use their imaginations Feelers prefer to: do work that is meaningful help others and be appreciated make decisions according to their values work in a friendly, supportive environment make efforts to understand other people Perceivers prefer to: work in flexible and changing conditions respond to problems as they arise have fun during their work work with fewer rules and procedures