13 Universities in Japan are now part of the Global 30 project. Where students can attend Japanese universities without knowing Japanese or having to take a Japanese entrance exam.

These 13 include:

1.   Doshisha University          2. Keio University
3.  Kyoto University                 4.  Kyushu University  

5.  Meiji University                  6. Nagoya University 
7.  Osaka University                8. Ritsumeikan     
9.  Sophia University             10. Tohoku 
11. U of Tokyo                         12. U of Tsukuba 
13. Waseda University &  
Waseda (SILS)

Outside these 13 are Other Very Attractive Choices for Undergraduate Studies taught in Japanese:

     1. Toyama Guiken                         2. Chiba University

     3. Gifu University                        4. Hiroshima  

     5. Hokkaido University              6. Hosei 

     7. International Christian          8. Kobe University                   

     9. Tama Art                                10. Tokyo International

     11. Tokyo Medical & Dental            12. Tokyo Inst. of Tech 

     13. Yokohama City 

Including:  (Full List Japanese Universities)

Another choice – attractive to YCIS Students:

Oldest and largest foreign university in Japan

Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ), is the oldest and largest foreign university in Japan. Founded in 1982, TUJ has developed into a nationally recognized institution offering an extensive range of educational programs. In addition to its core undergraduate program, TUJ offers graduate programs in lawbusiness, and education; an English-language preparation programcontinuing education courses; and corporate education classes.

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