IB Credit at USA Universities

University IB Scholarship
Columbia College

Columbia, MO

·       IB Diploma Scholarship up to $4000 per year is awarded to new freshman who have completed a recognized IB diploma program with satisfactory marks.



Drew University

Madison, NJ

·       We are so sure that Drew is a perfect fit for IB students that we’re ready to put money on it. High achieving IB students are eligible for merit scholarships, ranging from $15000-$25000 per year for four years. On top of merit awards, your CAS portfolio may be submitted for review when you apply for the Civic Engagement scholarship.



Drury University

Springfield, MO

·       $10,000 awarded to students who have completed the requirements and have or will receive an International Baccalaureate diploma.



Florida Atlantic University Honors College

Jupiter, FL

Offers $6000 per year to IB diploma holders.


Kansas State University

Manhattan, KS

K-State offers an automatic $1000 to students who have earned the IB Diploma.

http://www.k-state.edu/admissions/finaid/scholarships.html (under supplemental)

Middle Tennessee State

Murfreesboro, TN

IB Diploma holders automatically earn $1000 per year for four years which can be added to other merit award.


Midwestern State University

Wichita Falls, TX

Midwestern State University recognizes the value of the International Baccalaureate program. IB diploma students are given automatic admission and are given merit scholarships. MSU has approved the granting of credit for the IB Higher and Standard level exams when a score of 5 or higher is obtained.


Mississippi State University

Starksville, MS

IB Diploma students each $6000 – $14000 over four years. The scholarship is in addition to the Freshman Acadekmic Excellence Scholarship awarded by MSU. The award amount is determined by a combination of the IB score, ACT score and GPA.


Missouri State University

Springfield, MO

Missouri State recognizes the rigor of the international baccalaureate program and is pleased to reward you for your hard work and dedication in achieving academic excellence. With your IB diploma, you will be eligible for automatic admission, automatic admission into the honors college with 27 IB, and at minimum, the Board of Governers Scholarhship worth $5000 a year.


Northern Arizona

Flagstaff, AZ

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Scholarship awards IB Diploma holders $5,000 per year for tuition.


Northwest Missouri State University

Maryville, MO

IB Diploma students automatically receive $1000.


Oregon State University

Corvallis, OR

Students participating in an IB Diploma program at their high school may qualify for the IB Diploma Scholarship. The award amount is for $3000 per year (up to four years). To be considered for the IB Diploma Scholarship you must be an entering Freshman, have a total IB exam score of 30 or higher, and apply by February 1st. Offers are sent in July when scores are available.


Otterbein University

Westerville, OH

IB Scholarship is awarded to recognize participation in the IB Programme. The amount is determined by level of achievement and on an individual basis and ranges from $1000-$7000.


Pacific University

Forest Grove, OR

Students receive a $3,000 scholarship, in addition to other merit scholarships, for completing the IB Diploma with a score of 30 or higher. For students who receive a 30 or higher, sophomore standing is granted.



Ashland, VA

IB students are encouraged to apply for the Presidential and Deans Award.


Savannah College of Art and Design

Savannah, GA

International Baccalaureate diploma recipients who apply, are accepted and enroll at SCAD, having met or exceeded admission requirements, are awarded a scholarship of at least US$3,000 and up to US$15,000 on a score-based scale, per year of enrollment at SCAD, up to 225 attempted quarter hours, or until completion of a bachelor’s degree.


Southern Methodist University

Dallas, TX

IB Graduates may be eligible for merit-based financial aid based on their exam score. Upon receipt of your exam results, Southern Methodist University will award varying amounts of financial assistance. Award Amounts: 30-34 $4,000, 35-39 $8,000, 40 and above $12,000. Awards can be combined with other scholarship and grant aid up to the value of tuition.


Texas State University

San Marcos, TX

IB Diploma students receive $4000-$8000 per year depending on scores.


Truman State

Kirksville, MO

Truman State University recognizes the challenging IB curriculum. Students who complete the IB Diploma will be awarded a $2000 scholarship per academic year for up to 4 years (8 semesters). Students must maintain a 3.25 Truman grade point average. http://www.truman.edu/international/about-truman/costs-scholarships/undergraduate-costs-scholarships/
University of Alabama

Tuscaloosa, AL

IB Diploma holders receive an automatic $2500 per year and up to 40 credit hours for HL and SL subjects.https://www.uab.edu/students/undergraduate-admissions/transfer/accepted/item/659-ib-credits
University of Arizona

Tuscon, AZ

We know that students who participate in international baccalaureate programs are especially well-prepared for the opportunities we offer. IB students have the ambition and passion that we recognize as necessary characteristics in Honors students. They are ready to seize research options, interaction with faculty, and the benefits of a tight community. The Honors College considers the challenge of your high school transcript in addition to an unweighted GPA and ACT or SAT scores. This means that if you have a high number of IB courses, you could stand out as someone with a solid work ethic and a talent for learning. http://www.honors.arizona.edu/future-students/faq?destination=faq-page/11#t11n342
University of Dallas

Dallas, TX

Offers IB Diploma holders $3000-$10000 per year depending on final IB score.


University of Miami

Miami, FL

IB students are encouraged to apply for the President’s Scholarship which awards $8000-$28000 to students who achieved in challenging curriculum.


University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Lincoln, NE

Once an IB student applies and is admitted to UNL, their IB Diploma may be worth a $50,000 scholarship (out-of-state and international students only). Students with the IB Diploma are eligible for in-state tuition. In addition, all IB Diploma candidates that submit an Informal Personal Statement are eligible for the $1,000 non-renewable IB Nebraska Legends Scholarship. The IB George Beadle Scholarship is awarded to some IB students up to $14000 per year. Students with an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma earn an average of 25-28 University credits, including 3 hours of credit in Philosophy for completing the Theory of Knowledge course.


University of Tampa

Tampa, FL

The University of Tampa offers exceptional benefits to students who complete the full International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma. U.S. citizens who hold the IB Diploma are eligible for annual renewable merit scholarships of up to $15,000 with IB GPA’s of 3.2 or higher and appropriate test scores. An additional $1,000 award is available for IB diploma recipients.


University of Tulsa

Tulsa, OK

IB diploma candidates who are admitted to TU earn a $3,000 academic scholarship that is stacked with their other merit scholarships, and the majority of IB students enter TU with over 31 college credit hours from their IB exam scores. This credit gives them flexibility to double-major, study abroad and pursue research opportunities.


Western Oregon University

Monmouth, OR

 IB Diploma recipients with a score of 30 or higher receive both Guaranteed Admission to WOU and the Provost’s Achievement Scholarship, a renewable four-year award of $2,500 per year. Students are also automatically admitted to the Honors College.


University of Rochester

Rochester, NY

The time and effort you are putting into the International Baccalaureate program isn’t going unnoticed. The University of Rochester considers the IB diploma to be one of the most demanding secondary school curricula. IB Diploma students may be eligible for the International Baccalaureate Scholarship. The award can range in value from $2,000 to full tuition, annually, and is renewable. The University of Rochester also offers the opportunity to earn college credit for IB courses. Further, there are additional opportunities available to IB students including research.


Wichita State University

Wichita, KS

As an IB Student, we know you are academically driven. We know you are focused on your future. And, most importantly, we know that you want to get the most out of college. That’s why at Wichita State, we know we can provide an environment where you can academically flourish. IB students typically receive merit award from Wichita State.


William Jewell

Liberty, MO

Recognizing the reputation for quality, high standards and pedagogical leadership that occurs within the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, William Jewell College honors all IB diploma recipients with the Jewell IB Diploma Recipient Scholarship – an automatically awarded scholarship valued at $17,000 annually.


Winthrop University,

Rock Hill, SC

Awarded to students who complete the International Baccalaureate program through the senior year in high school. $1000 per year.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Worcester, MA

IB graduates with an exam score of 40 or greater will earn a minimum of a $20,000 merit scholarship. No additional application is required for consideration.


American University in Paris Offers up to 75% tuition scholarships for IB diploma holders. Award is based on final score. https://www.aup.edu/admissions/undergraduate/financial-aid/ib-diploma-scholarships
Universities not listed may offer merit scholarship to IB Diploma students as admission offices recognize the rigor of the International Baccalaureate. Please check with the university to which you plan to apply.
The following 18 states have adopted legislation for “awarding system-wide admission recognition / college course credits for IB” (all public 4-year colleges in these states are required to implement policies to grant undergraduate course credit to entering first year IB students): California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.