IB Course Work awarded as University Credit

IB Courses are recognised globally for their rigour and as such students can earn university and college credit for their performance in these exams. Universities will often set their own criteria and what is awarded so this is important to consider.

Here are websites to review in better understanding how our YCIS students can achieve University Credit:

1.      Country Statements about IB Acceptance and General Admissions

2.      University Admission IB Recognition by Country

3.       IB Recognition USA University Listing

4.      University of California

5.      Guide for IB Students and Credit Offers at top US Colleges

6.     Stanford University: up to 45 credits may be offered – need 180 to graduate

7.     University of Minnesota – Twin Cities up to 2 years course credit

8.     University of Tampa up to 30 credit hours

9.      University of Washington up to 45 quarter hours of credit (but only from HL courses)

10.      University of Griffith Australia