The question you need to ask yourself: what do you want from a university education?

To us, education is not a board game. It is not about scores or grades. It is not about clever strategies or brilliant tactics.

To us, education is about showing students the beauty of knowledge, the greatness of wisdom; and letting our students experience the thrill of learning.

We are dreamers and visionaries. Two decades ago this university started on a dream. See how far our dreams and visions have taken us. Today, HKUST is the No.1 University in Asia and the third among the world’s young universities (under 50) – we have secured a place on the academic world map in record-breaking time. We have today a reputation of high academic standards which has been built on the outstanding teaching and research of our four Schools – Science, Engineering, Business and Management, and Humanities and Social Science.

If HKUST is defined by anything, it is defined by the boldness of its action and vision. Continuing this heritage, we encourage our students to be bold, to dream big, to work hard and to make their dreams happen. We have created an environment that assists our students to achieve their full potential and turn their aspirations into realities.

Do you have dreams? Come join us. We are here to help you crystallize your vi

School-based Admission

At HKUST. Prospective students only need to choose one of the four Schools (Science, Engineering, Business and Management, Humanities and Social Science) they wish to join at the admission stage. Two additional entry routes (International Science Research Enrichment and Global Business) are also provided to students with specific academic interests.

Students will start taking School foundation and common core courses to broaden their knowledge and establish a solid foundation. They will enter their majors after completing the first or second year, depending on the majors they will enroll in.

In this way, students have ample time to develop a thorough understanding of the subject and explore their interest before committing to a particular study path.

The Common Core

Apart from foundation courses provided by their enrolled School, students will be required to take up to 36 credits of University Common Core courses to enhance their exposure in different areas of knowledge.

Each Common Core broad area has clearly defined learning outcomes that are presented as statements of what students might be able to do with what they have learned.

All undergraduates will complete the same set of Common Core requirements regardless of their major program of study. Students are expected to complete the majority of the Common Core credits in Years 1 and 2. The 6 credits of English Communication are to be taken in the first year.

Entering a Major Program

Students in the Schools of Science, Engineering and the Humanities will enter their major programs after one year, while most students in the School of Business and Management will enter their major programs after two years; students in Global Business, Economics and Finance, and Quantitative Finance programs will enter their major programs after Year 1. In addition to the standard single-major track, other academic options such as double major and major-minor combinations are also possible.

 Application from YCIS


  • Graduation of High school; and
  • SAT Reasoning Test with a combined score of 1,800 or above (in one sitting), or ACT Plus Writing with a composite score of 27 or above (in one sitting); and
  • A score of 600 or above in three SAT Subject Tests, or Grade 3 or above in three American College Board Advanced Placement (AP) subjects
  • Mid-50% range SAT scores of our intakes: SAT Reasoning Test score of 1970– 2190

Tuition Fees & Scholarships

The tuition fee for local students in 2014/15 is HK$42,100*.

Note: The final year of the Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management is offered on a self-financing basis. For reference, the tuition is HK$60,000 p.a. in 2013/14.

* Subject to confirmation by the HKSAR Government


Scholarships are awarded to honor students’ excellent academic performance, as well as other personal qualities such as leadership potential, achievements in extra-curricular activities and community services.

In the 2012/13 academic year, over 1,400 scholarships and prizes were awarded through the University to more than 1,000 students in various programs of study, accounting to more than HK$42 million.

We offer various scholarships for recruiting talented students with outstanding academic performance, from different academic backgrounds, who choose to pursue their undergraduate education with us. In addition, we offer a number of scholarships to honor our outstanding postgraduate and continuing undergraduate students in various programs of study.

Non-JUPAS -Direct Entry Scholarships

Outstanding local Direct Entry students will be considered for Direct Entry Scholarships. In 2013/14, the scholarship award was equivalent to half-a-year tuition fee (+Sch/Dept top-up), tenable for the first year of study. The University also offers scholarships to IB Diploma candidates/holders. In 2013/14, students with IB Total Points (including Bonus Points) 36 or above will be offered the scholarship.

HKSAR Governement Talent Development Scholarship

This Scholarship aims to recognize students who have demonstrated achievements or talent in non-academic areas. Students in any year/discipline of study are eligible to apply.

Update for 2014/15 scholarships:

HKUST Counselors with Pres. Chan

Presentation by HKUST President Chan 

HKUST is internationally recognized as one of the world’s premier universities
* Ranking #18 in being most employable – care alot about students being able to find the right job.
& have the best career center in HK.5 schools: Newest Creation is  Energy and Conservation Management
New Facilities Include: A New Student Lounge & 2 new student advising buildings: Sheng Yu Tong academic bldgHKUST is also the first of the HK Universities to develop Online Learning – Coursera. 3 classes are complete with 3 more being developed. The university is very interested in it’s educational delivery: To enhance teaching and learning: to do so they analyze how people learn & strive for excellence.

There is also a  Big push for Entrepeneurs & educating people who can change HK society
They house a 1st of its kind Research organization in HK to provide undergrads research opportunities & partner internationally with others..

HKUST continues to be one of the most international universities in the world. There are 8800 undergraduates / 4200 postgraduate – 13000.

 Professor Ng – Director of Admissions
2013 Statistics

  • Only 9% are within our category of accepted students Local Non Jupas 2300 Total.
  • 84% of the Student Population is from Hong Kong
  • Percentage of International: Mainland China 45% South Korea 22% with many nationalities
  • Overall Gender Mix: 62.8% Male 37.2 Female – Focus on Science and Engineering and Business.
  • The quality of student scores for intake continues to go up: SAT Mid Range – 2050 – 2200
  • Earned High School Credit (Advanced credit) is recognized up to 30 credits possible / 120
  • However the average credit is 16 for AP/SAT and 22 for IB because of 9 credits that transfer from IB schools.

Admission Criteria: (Most Important)
1. SAT / AP
2. Transcript
3. Essay – students should focus on their # 1 Faculty Choice & speak mainly about personal preparation and accomplishments.Students speaking about the university too much is not helpful.
4. Counselor / Teacher Recommendations: Raise eyebrows only when the letter is less than glowing. (Average or Below)

  • Choosing a Faculty:The university looks primarily on the 1st Faculty Choice with a goal that accepted students are able to choose their first or 2nd choice faculty by 95%.
  • Admission Criteria from faculty varies but much has to do with preparation and achievement in courses in the discipline.
  • Students may apply directly to Global Business
  • Engineering # is low for women only 22% HKUST is forming WISE – Women in Science and Engineering to focus more attention on career fields for women.

Admission Trends 2014

Early Round

  • Students are encouraged to apply in Early Round by November 15th
  • 30% of Students are accepted in early round – helpful better chance
  • Students using Early Round will know admission decisions by End of December
  • Scholarships are Awarded more readily to Early Applicants

Regular Admission

  • Regular Round by January 15th will know by Mid-May.
  • It is possible that some applicants fall to the regular pool but this is growing less common
What this Information Suggests: 
1. HKUST as a premier university with highly selective admission criteria. 2050-2200 expected SAT score.
2. There is preferential treatment for IB students who receive 9 more credits in entering the university than AP students.
3. The ticket to admission is the academic profile (tests / scores) the Personal Essay is important to them and the Recs don’t seem to help that much because they expect glowing letter of recommendation for students to attend. If a letter is less so or average they pay alot of attention to this.