Financial Bank Letter (USA Applications as Needed)

What is it?

Universities in the USA primarily need to see you are financially able to attend university as an international student. To show you have money to pay for the first year’s tuition and living fees they often ask for a bank letter that informs them of your parents financial standing in supporting you as a dependent student. Universities will either ask for it at the time of admission or after being accepted as a prerequisite to enrollment.

Please note: Some universities may ask for this and others may not. Make sure to check with your university!

Points To Remember:

  • All figures must be expressed in currency of university location. (ie. US dollars for American universities)
  • Faxes/photocopies of bank statements will not be excepted.
  • A financial verification form found on the university website will often accompany this bank letter.
  • The letter below should be on bank letterhead and signed by a bank manager / customer service representative.


(University Address)
XXXX University
Admission Department
Example Building
Sample St
State, Zip Code, if any

Dear Sir/Madam,

(Parent’s Account Name) has ($U.S. Dollars 1st year tuition) available in his account to pay for the cost associated with (Student’s Name) attendance at (Name of University) per year.

(Signed by Bank Manager/ Representative)
Branch Manager/Bank Representative name