Completing: Common App Early Decision Agreements in Naviance

Common App Early Decision Agreements in Naviance

Three parties need to sign the Common App Early Decision Agreement (EDA): The student, parent, and counselor. The student and parent will do their parts using the Common App, and the counselor will complete his or her part in eDocs on the Send tab. The counselor does not need to wait for the parent to sign the EDA using the Common App before they can sign the EDA in Naviance.

Process for completing an Early Decision Agreement in eDocs:

  • The student will use the Common App to specify that he or she is applying to a college using the early decision plan and complete his or her part of the EDA in Common App.
  • Once the student has completed the EDA, eDocs will get information from Common App indicating that it is an early decision application. This can happen when the student is first matched or when the student’s account is synced with Common App. An early decision application will have a special alert on the Send 
  • The assigned counselor must complete a Common App SR and save this form. Note: This step is needed for the system to send this profile information to Common App.  Once done for any student. The ED agreement can then be signed by any staff member.

For the Counselor: To sign an Early Decision Agreement:

  1. Click Expand All next to Send Documents.
  2. Find the school with the yellow message, “This student is applying Early 
  3. Decision to this institution via the Common App. Please sign & submit the agreement to proceed”
  4. Click Sign.
  5. Complete the form.
  6. Submit the form.  The form is immediately submitted to Common Application.

Note: College lists, Early Decision Agreements, and fee waiver requests are pulled into Naviance automatically as part of the Common Application integration.” However, Early Decision (ED) does not automatically pull into Family Connection on the student’s active application list. The student will need to change this manually in Family Connection to indicate how they are applying.