Careers in Architecture:

Architects use their skills in design, engineering, managing and coordinating to

create aesthetically pleasing and safe buildings that serve a purpose. They’re artists, but instead of a canvas, they have cities, parks, college campuses and more to display their work. And their masterpieces are the shops, libraries, office buildings and grocery stores we frequent all the time. Architects are involved at each step of a project, from the initial planning sessions to ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

Architecture Requirements:

1). Do the following:

  • Tour your community and list the different types of buildings you see. Try to identify buildings that can be associated with a specific period of history or style of architecture. Make a sketch of the building you most admire.
  • Select an architectural achievement that has had a major impact on society. Using resources such as the Internet (with your parent’s permission), books, and magazines, find out how this achievement has influenced the world today.
  • Tell your counselor what you learned.

2). Discuss the following with your counselor:

  • The term sustainable architecture. Identify three features typical of green buildings.
  • The difference between renewable building materials and recycled building materials, and how each can be used in construction.
  • The relationship of architecture with its surrounding environment and the community.
  • How entire buildings can be reused rather than torn down when they no longer serve their original purpose.
  • The education, essential skills and career path necessary of a successful architect

3). Do ONE of the following: 

  • With your parent’s and counselor’s permission and approval, arrange to meet with an architect. Ask to see the scale model of a building and the drawings that a builder would use to construct this building.
  • Discuss why the different building materials were selected. Look at the details in the drawings and the model to see how the materials and components are attached to each other during construction.