Advanced Standing Credit in US

Advanced Standing Credit in US:
Examples (NYU, UC Irvine, SUNY Buffalo)

Log into US university website where you think you will attend:
Go to Admission’s website and search Advanced Standing Credit
◦Find either IB and open/scroll to info
 Not uncommon that credit may or may not be awarded for certain majors and sometimes as in NYU, cannot often use the credit to reduce time at university so read carefully and ASK adviser in your department when you get there for Orientation!

Example 1. NYU:

Go to NYU Admission’s page and searched for Advanced Standing Credit:

◦Link to College of Arts & Sciences list of how AP, IB, A levels apply towards credit but have to scroll deep into the file for info.
◦Lists grades of B or better in most courses do allow for credit so look up what courses you have taken and your expected or actual IB results.


Go to Academic Programs and search your major
◦Search for Academic Progresssionor Course requirements.
◦States you should see your adviser as soon as possible if want to use advanced credits. That means: DURING OR RIGHT AFTER ORIENTATION. They provide the room # where you can meet and/or make an appointment.
◦EXAMPLE:  Let’s say this student wants to study Economics in College of Arts & Sciences and has predicted HL results of 6,6,7 in History, Economics, Math
◦We know they will accept score of 6 or better for IB HL in most subjects but not all courses meet the major’s requirement.
◦Example: In Economics, two concentrations: policy for working in law, business and other fields; theory is recommended for those interested in more theory and likely PhD in Economics.

IB HL Math  6 or 7 awards credit for MATH UA 121 but Econ majors take UA 211 and 212

◦“advanced standing credit in calculus does not substitute for either or both semesters of Mathematics for Economics I, II (MATH-UA 211, 212)”
◦IB HL Economics:  A level credit with 6 or 7 = ECON UA 1 and UA 2 which is what A level Econ credit is equivalent to so 8 credits will be awarded
◦IB HL History:  per the chart no credit but if you read the footnote #16:
◦16) Credit can count as an elective toward the history major but not toward the history minor. No more than 4 of the 8 History HL credits can be applied toward the major.
◦Worth asking the advisor if it can count as Humanities elective credit.


◦Student who took IB HL History, Math, Econ with predicted, 6, 6, 7 would get credit as an Econ major in Micro and Macro Economics if Final results are 6 or 7 and they receive IB grades directly from IBO.
◦and Perhaps History/Humanities elective credit, 8 credits.
 What to do with credit like this?
◦Discuss with adviser because IF awarded 16 credits, that is one semester. HOWEVER, the NYU website said most students cannot graduate early with advanced credit the way their courses are laid out in sequence. The first year courses are prerequisite for second, third and so on.
◦You may want to consider taking one less course your first semester to get settled into university and all the changes it brings.
◦As long as your student visa allows for this, that is not a problem. Most allow you to take one less course but check with the international Student Office where you cleared your visa requirement upon arrival.

What to do with credit? Paid/unpaid Internship?

 Ask the adviser if you can take one semester (use the 16 credits) to do a paid internship in NYC in either your second, third or even first semester of your fourth year at the university? Maybe work from January through July of Junior/3rd year to gain work experience?
 International Student Office will help you understand what change you need to make to your student visa and how long this takes in advance of work starting.
 Visit the internship office and see what kinds of jobs they have and what courses employers want you to have before considered qualifying for a job at this firm. IF not 6 months than summer time?
◦They also run resume workshops to create a US style resume, Mock interviews so you practice what interviews are like, etc.

What to do with credit?  Other courses

 Many students want to take other courses in different disciplines.
◦Maybe music or art or political science courses – any!
◦Maybe aminor in a subject that interests you – often 4 or 6 courses needed
◦With Belt & Road initiative that ends in Germany, perhaps take German courses
◦AND spend a semester studying abroad in Germany to practice your language?
◦Take more courses in your program/major area so you have more depth
◦Take a Study Abroad semester and take very different courses, Semester at Sea, go to Paris, France, Germany, Italy, Spain etc. with several language courses in advance or London, Dubai, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, etc. for English based programs
 Talk to adviser how other students have used the credit to do other very different things either in the university or in another country such as NYU Paris, NYU Dubai. To go abroad you have to lay out your courses very carefully so you take the ones offered abroad during the semester you are available!
 Ask if there’s a way to take a course overload for 3 or 4 semesters, summer courses and graduate a year early so can take MA/MS degree your 4thyear? Not likely at NYU but ASK!

2. Second Example: Psychology at UC Irvine

 Let’s say student took HL English, Psychology and Math and SL Physics, Chinese and Geography, predicted HL: 6, 6, 5
 She wants to go to UC Irvine so:  go to the Admission Site and search for Advanced Standing Credit. Brings me first to College Bulletin/Catalogue and I noticed something else of interest:
◦CREDIT BY EXAMINATION: in addition to the IB credit, this university may allow you to test out of some courses by taking certain department exams. Worth asking the adviser about this when you arrive and how to prepare and take the exam, get the results and receive credit.
◦You do not want to be registered for a class that you can either receive credit for OR you can test out of. Often the credit awarded is 1styear subjects.
◦There is also generally a time limit as to when you must take these exams, perhaps must be taken by end of second year. ASK.
 Back to finding IB Credit equivalencies at UC Irvine
◦Click on AP/IB course equivalencies posted.
◦NOTE: if complete IBD with 30 or above, receive 30 quarter hours of credit/20 semester hours
 Note what credit is awarded for HL English, Psychology, Math
◦HL English 5, 6, 7 Satisfies the UC Entry Level Writing Requirement.
◦HL Math 5, 6, or 7 Math 2A (check to see how applies to Psychology degree)
◦HL Psychology 5 may not satisfy Psychology core class but 6, 7 score does.
Most departments it seems offer online advising to international students! It may be available either after you deposit or in advance of your International Student Orientation
◦Keep watching your accepted student portal or New Student Portal for updates
 Back to UCI Home Page and click on: Degrees/Programs Offered
◦Next page click on tab: Undergraduate Majors and Minors
◦List includes the Social Sciences which is generally the broad area you will find Psychology
◦It’s there!! Click on Psychology, B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)
◦You have two choices Cognitive Psych OR Psychology BA so read to see what the difference isI
◦Lists all courses to choose from or required and near bottom the way the sequence of courses should be laid out. Appears you take your first 3 quarters: 3 courses, 4 courses, 4 courses = 44 units – each course is 4 units and then 4 courses each of 3 quarters in Years 2, 3, and 4.
◦Need to see if an online advising session helps you understand how IB credit AND IB Diploma with at least score of 30 will apply to degree requirements AND how General Ed credit may apply towards a Psychology Degree
◦Appears all 3 courses will be approved for credit but no idea how much credit and therefore how many courses you will already be considered completed towards your major. ORIENTATION and Adviser meetings are important!
◦Based upon IB charts, appears you mayreceive 4 or 8 credits for each of the 3 IB HL exam scores: English, Psychology and Math. In first year you take 7 courses in the first 2 quarters so can you make up one course by taking a course overload one semester OR take a summer course?
◦Obviously if you have IBD with at least 30, awarded 30 QH credit, you take seven 4 QH courses first two terms, then you have 2 extra dangling credits. Useful at all? ASK adviser.
◦If you are awarded 30 units because you have at least 30 on IB Diploma, no course exam less than 4; then how to make up those 14 units in order to graduate one year early?  First year you take 44 units.
◦Course overload for a few quarters? Test out of some required courses- be careful not to take them if you might test out. Stay a summer quarter to make up those 14 units – 3-4 courses? ASK Adviser!!

Advanced Standing Credit, UC Irvine cont’d

 Some students have received a contract from US campus where they were admitted to have them review the contract stating ‘a score of 5 or above is required in each exam
◦Last year UCLA overenrolled by 600 students and so many other UC campuses had fewer students enroll. This is a process they can use if they overenroll this year and need to deny some students after exam scores received in July.
◦Last year they also stated that OFFICIAL IGCSE and other exam results must be received by a certain date in July. Remind students to order official results sent to where they deposit and to where they accepted a WL offer.
 Likely UC campuses were conservative with whom they accepted this year to avoid the mess they were in last year but be vigilant at any school where you plan to enroll and be sure to send them what they ask for by the deadline stated.
 Review previous screens 4, 5 and 6 about ways to use Advanced Standing Credit.
◦Importantto designate UC Irvine as the University you want your official IB resultssent.
 Planning out all the things you’d like to do while at university, especially if you want to graduate in 3 years OR go on a Study Abroad semester in another country, requires careful planning of your coursework. Advisers are their to help and guide you but you have to visit them early, Orientation is best or before you register for second semester courses.
 Don’t miss deadlines to claim your advanced standing credit and have official documents sent to the university you want to attend. Designate the university where you’ll attend when you register to take the exam!

3. Example 3: PoliSci: International Politics at SUNY Buffalo

 Student’s IB HL: Chinese A-1, History, Psychology predicted 5, 6, 5
 Attending U Buffalo, SUNY: go to Admission page; search Advanced  Standing
◦Click on IB: International Baccchart and click on Chart
◦They accept credit for HL final exam grades of 5, 6, 7 but also with certain limitations shown next to each course name (and as it applies to your major)
◦Chinese language : 6 credits of the Foreign Language (2 courses)
◦History:  6 credits (2 courses)
◦Psychology:  6 credits (2 courses)

How to Apply credit to your degree

 Search Academic Areas of Study, Click on Political Science BA, InternationlPolitics

◦Directs you to contact an adviser directly at the bottom of the page.

 Email them questions about how your IB HL credit will be awarded towards this major and how do you ensure the credit has been awarded?
Ask similar questions about how to use the credit you will be awarded we listed in previous screens.
◦How it applies towards the degree and effects sequence of courses to take?
◦If you do receive credit for those 6 courses, then do you receive any additional credit for completing the IB Diploma with a certain minimum score?
◦Students take 5 courses per semester so can you take one semester off to work from January through July?
◦Can you take a course overload for 2 semesters and stay one summer session to take 2 more courses and graduate after 3 years?? Can you stay for MA degree in 4thyear/when do you apply?
◦Can you use the 6thcourse credit to take one less course in your first semester to get settled onto campus?
◦Does your Chinese language fluency/near fluency allow you to waive a language requirement?
◦What about Study Abroad as an International Politics major and language study?
◦Can I study abroad? Am I required as an International Politics major to Study Abroad for one semester? Who helps me to lay out my courses so I save those to use during that semester?