Application Sending Letter

Dear Year 13 Students & Parents!

This letter is to remind you that we have 1 month remaining to send all of your school records to universities with deadlines up until January 15, 2017.  In order to complete the process successfully we want to make sure you are fully aware of what’s required.

  1. Please make an Appointment to send your school records: With Mr. Gartz between December 1st -12th for 30 minutes  Use:  University Applications Guide – Appointments
  2. Remember to make your appointment during a Free Study period or during a Non- Core Subject (not during English, Humanities, Science or Math).
  3. Come Prepared to Your Appointment:  Use this Checklist to be Ready!


  1. School Records: All Transcripts from Year 10-13, IB Predicted Scores, and Letters of recommendation have been carefully reviewed and are ready to send.
  2. Online Application & Essays: Make an appointment with Mr. Gartz using the: University Applications Guide: Appointments to review your online applications and essays. It is much easier to have an appointment to review these first and then have a second sending appointment.

USA / Canada
Financial Bank Statement Letter: Have you identified which universities need a letter and had it prepared by a bank representative on their letterhead? (Does it show in US Dollars the amount set aside by your parents for 1st year tuition?).  Often this letter is needed after a student is admitted so be prepared – See University Applications Guide for example

 Apply thru UCAS
Students may only select 5 universities. These need to be realistically aligned with the students transcript and IB Predicted Grade reports. In applying please apply as a member of our school YCIS Century Park.

Recommendations: Reminder Students may only send 1 recommendation and this letter is posted on the UCAS site after selecting an academic referee. Please send the reference link to Mr. Gartz who will also provide his comments to the letter to make it holistic.

IB Predicted Scores & Transcripts:
IB Predicted Grade and IGCSE Results will also be posted by Mr. Gartz in the reference link. Please note: Transcripts are usually sent afterwards – students self-report first using a copy of their transcript.

Japan / Korea
Please be mindful of deadlines: to know the due dates of each university.  Some have Fall entry while others only Spring. A few other documents may be helpful beyond recommendation letters / transcripts:

  • Certificates of Merit: Do you have all the Certificates needed to show evidence of your HS activities?
  • Middle School Transcript? Have you arranged a Middle School Transcript to be sent when applicable?

Finally, Please Review the 3 parts to a complete application:

1). Online Application:  Note: If you don’t know where the Online Application is for a specific university check their University Website: (How to Apply or Application Section).  Commonly used sites include: UK (UCAS), USA (Common Application), Ontario Canada Universities (OUAC).

2). School Records: Includes your transcript (Report Card from Year 10-13) IB Predicted Scores and Recommendation Letters. It also may contain IGCSE Results as needed and YCIS or IB Diploma Copy.

  • University Entrance Test Results: Includes SAT/ACT and TOEFL / IELTS
    SAT & ACT: Send directly through Collegeboard (SAT) or If a university does not accept them electronically then have Mr. Gartz provide a YCIS stamped Score report during your application appointment. It is much better to send electronically so check Collegeboard and ACT first.

IELTS & TOEFL – Please send online on their sites.

Sent ApplicationsPlease call or email to make sure that each university receives a complete application. It is your future… your responsibility. Please see that your application has been received and you are being reviewed fairly.


Timothy Gartz, MSW LCSW
Yew Chung International School, Century Park
University and Guidance Counseling