Early Application UK

Checkpoints Early Application (UK)

NOTE: UK Universities Early Application scheme is for Oxford & Cambridge and Medical & Veterinarian Science Programs only.
– The Deadline Date is October 15th.
– For all other UK programs the deadline date is January 15th.
These choices are extremely competitive with Veterinarian Science only offered in 10 universities across the country. To be eligible: it is critical to have posted excellent IB Scores. For Medical these should include: Math / Biology / Chemistry for admission to these programs.

You can choose only up to 4 programs in Medicine & Apply to either Cambridge or Oxford not both.

Application Overview: How It all Works! 

UCAS is the entryway to application to all universities within the United Kingdom. Once there you select a program of study: (http://search.ucas.com/) You have up to 5 choices within UCAS. You can plan to study all the way through or take a sandwich program – provides work/internship opportunities. If you are unsuccessful in being placed in 1 of the 5 universities your application is sent to the clearing house for any university to choose to accept you.

Register on UCAS (University & Colleges Admissions Service)

UCAS Undergraduate Apply opens for 2017 entry on 24 May 2016.

Group Name: YCIS Beijing

Buzzword: ycisugo201617

Checkpoint 1: Start-Up & Clear Focus

•         Determine Program(s) of Study & Up to 5 Universities

•         Know IB Requirements & Open UCAS Application Portal (using individual)

•         Post University Choice(s) on Naviance

•         October SAT / ACT Registered & Score Report issued on Collegeboard

•         TOEFL has been registered/taken and scores ready to send on Time

•         Focus on Personal Statement and Begin Outline & Overall Strategy

* Personal Statement is clearly limited (4000 characters) and highly structured to show preparation, interest, and plans to achieve in a specific study program. It is possible to choose more than 1 program of study within Medical Sciences – be prepared to cover your interests in the essay.

Checkpoint 2: Application Items List – Productivity Stage

  • Personal Statement Essay: Outline is Complete with Title & Thesis Statement
  • Obtain 4 year transcript & Financial statement (as needed)
  • IB Predicted Scores and IGCSE Exam Results are ready
  • Updated & Provided to 1 Relevant Subject Teacher – Be clear to the teacher that they are your only Recommender for UK Early Application Scheme &

Due Date of October 10th

·         Online UCAS Application has begun with Personal Information Completed include Self-Reporting of Grades from Transcript

Checkpoint 3:Review and Completion Stage

·         Personal Statement is Complete – Given to English Teacher/Counselor for Review

·         Check teacher Progress with Recommendation

·         Online Application is nearly complete

·         Final Preparations for October SAT

·         Documents provided to Mr. Gartz to submit on Naviance

(Transcript Request Form & University Supplements)

·         IB Predicted Score Report & IGCSE Test Scores Ready to Send

Checkpoint 4: Application Sending

·         Final Personal Statement Ready & Reviewed

·         UCAS Application Ready to Submit with Credit Card

·         Teacher Recommendation has been finished and Ready to send

·         Entrance Tests are complete and Submitted

·         Counselor Review: Meet with Mr. Gartz review all Requirements – Send