Timeline: When Do I Send My Apps?

Students need to submit the Completed Application (Including: Final Draft of Personal Statement and Essay by the following dates to the UGO:

  1.  UK Early Application / Medical Programs: September 30th

     2. USA: Early Action or Decision: October 1st or October 15th

     3. HK: CUHK, HKU, HKUST: November 1st

     4. University of California/ Cal State: November 15th

     5. All Regular Applications with deadlines before January 15: December 1st

Country   Early Application         Regular Application

UK (UCAS)    

•    Medical Programs & Oxford & Cambridge: October 15th •    January 15th
 USA   October 1st to November 1st •   Depending on the University

•   Regular Winter Break – Jan 15th

•   Rolling Admissions by June 1st (apply early its 1st come/ 1st served)

Hong Kong •   CUHK, HKU & HKUST:

            November 15th


•    HKU & HKUST

•    – End of December

•   CUHK, HK Polytech, City, Baptist University: January 1 – March 15th (depending on program)

•   Shue Yan, Lingnan, and SCAD:

•   June 1st – Summer of Graduation


Switzerland •   Mid November to prepare for interviews •    Hotel Management:

•   Rolling Admission

•   Spring Grade 12




•   By Winter Break

Japan & South Korea •        Winter Break for Fall Entry

•        Fall after graduation for Spring

 Australia    •    March 15th

 **Important Note about Admission Dates:

   ***Students are responsible to know & send their applications by their university’s deadline dates.      The dates vary significantly for Universities both by country and individually.
Please Identify your Deadlines in Time! & Ask Mr. Gartz if needed.