Application Items

Application Items: The Essentials…

  1. High School Transcripts (From Year 10-13): The transcript is your annual report card that shows each of the grades in your courses. Transfer students to YCIS must also send a transcript from each of the high schools they have attended.
  2. IB Predicted Grades & IGCSE Results: IB Predicted Grades are a critical component to any Application with deadlines before graduation (Australia). They are typically acquired after 1st report card of Year 13 unless a student is applying thru Early Admission. Provided by each teacher, IB Predicted Grades are best estimates of the exam scores in each course with a possible total of 45 points. IGCSE Results: from Year 11 are also sent to universities with the Transcript.
  3. SAT I & II /ACT Scores  The ACT is offered at YCIS Century Park 5x a year (USA / Hong Kong / South Korea). While the SAT is provided by YCIS Gubei Campus.  Send them online & remember many prestigious universities in the USA may wish to see 2 or even 3 SAT II Subject Tests.
  4. TOEFL / IELTS Scores Needed to demonstrate English ability (English A Examinations & US, UK, Canadian, and Australian Citizens often are exempt). Tests are offered throughout the year at designated Test Centers in Shanghai (not at YCIS). Send scores online with a small fee.
  5. Essay &/or Personal Statement You will need to write an essay for the university admissions committee usually this includes: reasons for choosing them, what makes you stand out as a quality candidate, and how the university can assist you in reaching your academic & professional goals. Often more than 1 Essay is required per university check to see this on the Essay Resource Page of the Portal. Following Mr. Gartz’s guidelines will help you to write your very best!
  6. Recommendation Letters:  You have the option of requesting up to 2 teacher recommendations & 1 counsellor depending on need. UK only needs 1 and Canada often doesn’t need any…  It is recommended that 1 teacher correspond with your chosen major. Yet, all teachers and Mr. Gartz must also be provided your extensive and complete Naviance RESUME and Student Profile Form.
  7. Online Application Each university has an admissions web page. Go there to find requirements and begin working on them on the application portal. For USA & UK universities look at ( & to see which universities can be expedited through this process. Ontario Canada (OUAC) while other universities each have their separate admissions portal.
  8. Online Application Fees are required to review your online application. Pay by credit card it is the best method.
  9. Financial Bank Letter Many USA Universities often want a financial letter signed by a Bank Manager showing your parents’ savings account of financial support to attend university. This includes: enough to cover the first year’s tuition, on their letterhead. (See Financial Bank Letter Application Items for details). This letter is either sent in applying to the university or after in the process of enrollment.
  10. Supplemental Documents Often universities have their own requirements to complete called supplements.  Refer to the University website application page early to find out all that’s necessary. Supplements may include: (Passport copy and HKID, Specific University Recommendations, Summary of High School Activities List, etc. It is a student’s responsibility to know each university’s application requirements & share them with your counselor.For Students intent on studying Performing Arts (Music, Art, Drama) in University the portfolio is required. A CD or personal webpage are two ways to show your best work.  (See Mr. Gartz & relevant teachers for details)