Important Tasks to Accomplish before June

Items to complete in your Naviance account.

1) Complete the Naviance Resume: Under the About Me tab, Interesting things about me in Naviance

Complete with FULL Answers under each category. Adventure week, volunteer service, education (especially for transfer students)

Use: Descriptive words & full examples to demonstrate your achievements!

2) Do What You Are Personality Type complete: Under the About Me tab in Naviance “personality type”

3) ACT/SAT Testing Survey in Naviance

4) Teacher/Counselor Recommendations:

2 Teachers and 1 Counselor Requested on the “Colleges I’m thinking about Tab”

Students also need to include a written invitation and see each teacher/ counselor to properly Invite & Share.

5) University List: Post at least 10 Colleges in the Naviance “Colleges I’m Thinking about Tab”

1)  YCIS Resume-Sample

On Naviance, you will input information about your character, personality, career, major aspirations, sports, clubs involved in etc. under the “About Me” tab.  This information will be most helpful for teachers and the counselor to write a complete letter of recommendation for you.  The more information you share, the more detailed the teachers can be after they accept to write a letter for you.  

2. University Tests Action Plan

SAT Tests/Complete the SAT I & SAT II/ACT & TOEFL & IELTS

In your Naviance account, you need to take the University Test Action Plan Survey to plan out when you will take the different tests that you need when applying.  Next to your High School Transcript university tests are necessary for acceptance. For YCIS-CP students we offer the American College Test 6x a year.

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is also offered by YCSI Gubei and is an alternative method of gaining acceptance. Most YCIS students unless American or Canadian citizens must also take an English Proficiency Exam: TOEFL or IELTS. Year 12 Students are to carefully consider their options and complete a University Test Action Plan Survey on Naviance – created by your counselor here.


  1. ACT Princeton Review HK
  2. Register for SAT: Collegeboard use AIS Codes – High School 670435 / Test Center 62189
  3. University Test Action Plan on Naviance – Find in the About Me Section
  4. TOEFL
  5. IELTS3. Building a quality University List

 In your Naviance account under the “Colleges I’m thinking about” tab build then narrow down your university list.  You should have between 6-10 schools listed by May.  Your list should include 2-3 Reach Schools, 3-5 Match Schools, and 2-3 Safety Schools.  


4. Recommendation Letters

On Colleges I’m Applying to Tab: Scroll to select teachers to write a letter of recommendation for you.

Once Identified: 

  1. Select their Name in the drop down Menu & Write an proper invitation in the textbox. 
  2. Follow up your invitation with a face to face meeting
  3.  Discuss your college plans and share your Naviance Resume
5. High-School Transcripts 
Transcripts are a record of your Grades each year of High School. The grades earned are shown in the YCIS Transcript. As a record of your high school work primarily the IB and IGCSE scores are critical to gaining admission to university. The YCIS Transcript Only Shows course completion at our school.
YCIS Transfer Students: If you have transferred to YCIS at anytime since Year 10 you must obtain a Transcript from every high school attended. It is YOUR responsibility to order prior transcripts from your past High School(s) to ensure each university has a complete record of your High School work.
Transcript Request Process:
In order to prepare transcripts to be sent to universities (YCIS & Prior High Schools)

You must complete the YCIS Transcript Request Form. This form alerts the front office staff to prepare your Teacher Recommendations and Transcripts. It also serves to direct the source of mailing. Most often, universities accept these School Records online. However, you must indicate which method is preferred. There are specific dates assigned to send these records determined by your counselor.
Please note: Each University has a cost of $  

6.  A Successful Summer

    One important way to help prepare you for university is by attending a Summer Program. Fortunately, AIS has an extensive history and choice options to help you. Please see the Summer Programs Options under the Junior Tab to learn more about:  

  • Summer jobs 
  • Courses related to your major
  • Internships
  • Valuable Community Service 
  • SAT Preparation 
  • Summer Camps in Sports or other Activities  
  • University Courses & Discovery 

* The idea is to find something you are interested in and do it.  Summer programs could lead to receiving a valuable letter of recommendation and experience to draw from in your applications.

7. Start your College Essay    

Most if not all universities will request you to write a college essay. Some request more than 1 essay and even several short answers. There are 3 specific kinds of Essays that are different in structure, style, and content. They include:

1). The USA College Essay: Often found in Common Application Essay Prompts

2). The UK Personal Statement:  UK Personal Statement

3). Hong Kong vs. UK Personal Statement

Here are a few other popular sites:

  1.  University of California essay prompt
  2. Tackling the College Application Essay – Princeton Review
Please see Essays and Personal Statements under Application Items