My YCIS Academic Profile

Explanation of the YCIS Academic Profile  

Your YCIS Academic Profile is a collection of results: academic transcript, IGCSE  & IB Predicted scores, SAT, and English Exams that universities consider most in accepting our students.  It is very good to have a clear knowledge of your progress.  Please note: some items are much more important to some countries than others. 

Invitation: Come to know your YCIS Academic Profile by reviewing the items below.
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YCIS Academic Profile

Understanding your school records sent to University: University Transcripts

1. High School Cumulative Grade Point Average:
Also consider the strength of your schedule – (eg. HL level courses are of higher interest to college admissions than SL level work.) Clearly, the level of Grades and Scores you receive will provide more or less opportunities for acceptance.

3. ACT Score: American College Test can be taken in conjunction with or instead of the SAT.

or  SAT 1: Critical Reading ______  Mathematics ______  Writing _______
or SAT 2: Subject Test Scores: 2. Scholastic Aptitude Test Scores:

4. University English Placement Exams: IBT TOEFL Score: (UK/AUSTRALIA/ HK)    or    TOEFL Score: (USA/ CANADA)

5. IB Courses & Grades Completed by Graduation:

(If applying before end of Year 13: YCIS students need to send universities IB Predicted Test Grades)
These are the projected scores your teachers report you will achieve based on your past progress, achievements to date and
how you are performing coming into the exams). These reports are sent along with the transcript to universities (October 15, Nov 1, Nov 30, before winter break and March for universities in UK, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore etc.) A student who would not need an IB Predicted Grade report would be those not applying to university until after graduation. 

Most Important Requirements by Country

This is the criteria that are most important to be accepted by Country:

  • Hong Kong: SAT 1850 & Above, 2 SAT Subject Tests, and 3 AP Exams
    (HKU, HKUST, City, Poly, CUHK)
  • USA: Send full Transcript, SAT Scores (secondary), Essays/Recommendations
  • UK: AP Exam Scores minimum 3 in related study areas / 1 Academic Referee /Well-Crafted Personal Statement
  • Canada: Upper Level Grades (G11/12) most important
  • Japan / Korea: SAT, Transcript & Possible National Exam
 Projected Major of Study: Clearly some study majors are much more competitive than others. For example: Medicine and Law are by far the most competitive in HK