Recommendations: Course Reflections for Teachers

Course Reflections for University Applications

Instruction:In addition to the YCIS Pudong Univerity Resume, I would like you to provide a Course reflection, Summary and Self-Appraisal of your achievements and development in the 1-2 subject areas in which you are asking teachers to write recommendations. The word count should be no more than 350 total for each entry. Concise – descriptive writing is the best.   Thank you! Mr. Gartz

SELF-APPRAISAL for Teacher Recommendation 1 – (Teacher’s Name)

Write a short summary and self-appraisal assessing your academic and personal qualities and achievements in this teacher’s subject. Describe your primary strengths and weaknesses, your ability to work in groups & independently, the relationship between your aptitude and performance, and a few of your greatest highlights in this course. Please make sure you include anything that would be helpful for your teacher to know or remember about your course progress & if appropriate any extra-curricular experiences. Including specific examples is most helpful here. 

SELF-APPRAISAL Teacher Recommendation 2 – (Teacher’s Name)

Same as first entry:

In addition, please provide a summary of your CAS Activities and nature of your Extended Essay

  1. CAS Activities(Please state your CAS supervisor and a few of your greatest involvements and achievements)

CAS Supervisor:

My CAS project is…


Please give the name of your EE supervisor, the title of your essay and a brief description of what it is about Name of EE supervisor:

Title of essay:


College & Career Aspirations

Please share a few of your college plans and career aspirations? What 3 top universities are you choosing to apply to and why? And what do you hope to achieve in college and in a future career, if known? (300 words total)


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