Cialfo features including… University Search by Course and Major

The quick answer to both questions is… yes! Cialfo’s latest version of school search allows counselors and students to do the following:

  1. Search for universities by the programs (majors, courses) they offer
  2. See exactly which programs are available
  3. Learn key details like program duration and entrance requirements (for universities in the UK only)

How To Search By Courses and Majors

Click on the Search Filters icon and select “Courses and Majors”. Type in whatever search term you like, or select from a list of pre-defined programs. If you enter multiple terms, Cialfo will display schools that offer ANY (not necessarily all) of the programs you’ve searched for.

How To View Available Courses and Majors

Click on the Modules icon and select “Courses and Majors”. This will display a count of the available programs that match your search. If no filter or program search term is entered, this module will show the total number of courses or majors offered by each university.

How To See Details on Courses and Majors

Click on the count of courses and majors available to open up a sidebar with program details. Universities in the US will show only the list of relevant majors available. Universities in the UK will show additional detail such as program duration, start date, and entrance requirements for IB and A Levels.

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