Creating my University List


You should plan to apply to 5 or 6 & No more than 10 universities!

  • 2 Safe Choices:
    Your IB Predicted Grades are 2 points higher than the average of incoming Freshman
  • 3 Match Choices
    Your IB Predicted Grades match university averages
  • 3 Reach/ Dream
    Your IB Predicted Grades do not meet the average IB scores for incoming Freshman
    (more than 2 points below)
  • Personal Comparisons

    To identify how you compare to specific universities:
    Please see University Search Resources for direct links to university admission page.

    Here is a general guideline of what’s recommended.

  1. Hong Kong: IB mid 30s / 1850 SAT Score Minimum (City, CUHK, HKU, HKUST & Poly)
  2. UK: IB Scores vary by Program & University/ Oxford & Cambridge – Need IGCSE Certificate Results
  3.  USA: Check IB Predicted Scores and Transcript Grades / May require SAT or ACT
    (University Search Resources / Collegeboard My Big Future)
  4. Japan / South Korea: IB Predicted Grades and Transcripts (may require SAT/ ACT)
  5. Art & Music: Depends on the university as well as the strength of your Portfolio

Naviance: “Colleges I’m Thinking About”  

There are 2 categories on the Colleges Tab: Colleges I’m Thinking About & Colleges I’m Applying To.
As the name suggests: Colleges I’m Thinking About is a flexible free-flowing place where you can add / delete and store universities of interest. Once you are certain you are going to apply to a specific university add this university name to Colleges I’m Applying To. This category is an active or live bank where Counselors assist you in sending applications.

Caution: Once Stored – You cannot Edit  or Remove a College that is listed in “Colleges I’m Applying To”.

Finding Universities of Interest

There are several search engines to help you find universities of interest:

Primarily, Go to University Search Resources and by Country we have listed outstanding websites and search engines to help you. For example, In the USA, Mr Gartz has provided a University List and Ranking Scale as well as Other criteria such as Cost, Admission Rate, International Population and Ranking (both National and Liberal Art Universities). For South Korea we have criteria for both Local and National citizens with the application differences of 3 and 12 year foreign study.

For each country – the best search engines are provided for you. You may also use Super Match on Naviance that can help as well, particularly for the USA. Beyond web sites and search engines: it is expected that students plan & participate in our university visits with representatives from highly popular universities during the year.

Finally, whenever possible personal visits or tours to your universities of interest are highly encouraged.