CAL GROUP: Essay Collection, December, 2015 to January, 2016


Activities in CAL classes- October to November, 2015

CAL-L2 are making posters about classifying objects they may find at a supermarket.


A CAL-L7 student is making a presentation about urbanization in Shanghai.


CAL-L2 students are having a field trip to a local market.

CAL-L2 field trip to the local market

CAL-L1 students are doing a survey about how to go to school.

CAL-L1 课堂调查-我坐什么车上学

An IGCSE CAL-L1 Year 10 student is reading characters.

IGCSE CAL-L1 认读字卡 Oliver BYRNE

IGCSE CAL-L1 students are doing a matching game.

IGCSE CAL-L1 Match Game

CAL-L5 students are role playing their text.



CAL Group: Essay Collection, October to November, 2015

Here is a book made by a CAL-L2 student, you may download at:

CAl-L2 童书 Reimi SAKAJIRI


Activity Photos in Chinese Classes – September to October, 2015

CAL – L1 students are practising dialogues in Chinese class, regarding “Food and Drinks”.

CAL-L1 Group Discussion


CAL-L5 did Self Introduction in Chinese Class. They shared some interesting information with the others.

CAL-5 Self Introduction

A Y9CFL student is presenting an ancient poem called 《商山早行》. She researched all the information by herself and has prepared all the questions might be asked by her classmates.

Y9 古诗交流

CFL Group: Poster Collections – September to October, 2015

After learning two writings in classical Chinese, the students created an imitative writing by themselves and made posters.