“Cool Conversations” CAL Video Competition – For Lower Secondary | 初中部非母语组 “酷说中文“ 中文视频大赛

The internal annual CAL group Chinese competition will happen in November, and this year we would like to encourage all the CAL students to use real-life scenarios and an authentic context to develop their listening and speaking skills in Chinese through cool conversations. The videos handed in are encouraged to showcase their Chinese communication skills in real-life situations, which can include, but are not limited to: Survival Chinese, Live broadcasting (i.e. restaurant tour/review), interviews, etc. Meanwhile, they are expected to explore Chinese culture and develop intercultural communication skills through this process, and eventually grow their thinking skills as they learn Chinese, which matches the Monthly Focus LP trait, Thinker.

Detailed Information:

  • Eligibility: All Y7 – Y9 CAL students
  • Requirements:


“酷说中文Cool Conversation”- Videos that record the students using Chinese in real-life situations, interacting with others in Chinese.

(The Chinese teachers will lead the discussion in Chinese lesson and give the advice on selecting topics and recording the films.)

Type of works: 2-5 min videos, with bilingual subtitles.

  • Submission Date: Before November 20
  • Time of voting: November 20 – 26 (All the videos will be uploaded to the Chinese blog for all the students to access and watch at any available time)
  • Awards assembly: December 20, during Chinese lesson

We hope all the students can join this competition and show how creatively they can make connections between class and real-life.

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“诗歌邂逅音乐” – 母语组十一月创意读诗活动 | “Poetry meets music” – CFL Group Competition





  • 个人组:以个人为单位进行创作,递交音频或视频文件,及海报制作。
  • 团队组:以不超过3人的团队为单位,进行集体创作,递交音频或视频文件,及海报制作。



  • 音频文件:为诗歌配乐,并录音。(“诗歌”包括:古诗词、现代诗或国外诗翻译版本)
  • 海报制作:诗歌标题、作者名字、歌词内容及美工设计。

  • 视频文件:为诗歌配乐,并拍摄录像。(“诗歌”包括:古诗词、现代诗或国外诗翻译版本)
  • 海报制作:诗歌标题、作者名字、歌词内容及美工设计。


  • 作品上交截止日期:11月20日
  • 师生投票日期:11月20-26日
  • 颁奖典礼日期:12月20日,中文课。