Activity Photos in Chinese Classes – September to October, 2015

CAL – L1 students are practising dialogues in Chinese class, regarding “Food and Drinks”.

CAL-L1 Group Discussion


CAL-L5 did Self Introduction in Chinese Class. They shared some interesting information with the others.

CAL-5 Self Introduction

A Y9CFL student is presenting an ancient poem called 《商山早行》. She researched all the information by herself and has prepared all the questions might be asked by her classmates.

Y9 古诗交流

CFL Group: Poster Collections – September to October, 2015

After learning two writings in classical Chinese, the students created an imitative writing by themselves and made posters.

中国研习十月课程一览 Chinese Studies – October



  • 七年级:与DT学科合作,完成了《苏州园林》的主题学习
  • 八年级:与人文学科合作,完成了《龙凤呈祥》的主题学习
  • 九年级:与英语学科合作,完成了《谜语》及《东西相遇》的主题学习


Year 7 Su Zhou Garden Year 8 Dragon and Phoenix Year 9 East Meets West