What Our Students Say About Christmas

Written by: Roseline Yang, Community Relations Officer 

Our YCIS students come from all different parts of the world and for many of them, they are Third-Culture Kids, which allows them to embrace other cultures and traditions! Growing up in the digital age, they can naturally use digital tools and devices. They use these skills to great effect, including making this video testimonial of their peers!  Take a break from reading and enjoy the video and testimonials!

Primary Students

Christmas time is a very exciting occasion for my family. Every Christmas we go somewhere for a vacation. This year’s Christmas, I am going on a ship to Japan with my family. We will return on Christmas Eve and my family will eat a Christmas dinner. The next day, which is Christmas Day, in the morning my bigger sister and I will go to our Christmas tree and get our Christmas presents. Every Christmas it is a very happy time at my home. Carrie Jiang

Every Christmas my family and  I go on vacation. Last year we went skiing in Japan and we had a great time but it was FREEZING! This year we are going to a tropical forest where it will be very warm. We will go with other friends and  I am very excited! Sophie Wu

Our favorite food to eat during Christmas is dumplings. Samuel from US and Jun Kai from Singapore.

During Christmas, my favorite food is also dumplings and my favorite activity is making snowmen. Yuseong from Korea.

During Christmas, my favorite food is Hawaiian pizza and my favorite thing to do is to snowboard. Yajun Wu from China

My favorite food during Christmas is my mom’s home-made pizza and the thing I like best about Christmas is getting to see my family. Paloma Edmonds from USA.

Secondary Students

What I enjoy about Christmas is being with the family and opening presents. Another thing I always look forward to is our family Christmas lunch. In our family we don’t really have any traditions, except for all being together that day. Ariana from Italy

We don’t celebrate Christmas in our family. However, during Christmas holidays, we take the opportunity to travel and explore new places. The previous places we visited were: Vietnam, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. This year, we will go and explore Burma! Otherwise, what I like at Christmas time is the music and happiness. Eli Tsives, Year 8 from USA

We don’t celebrate Christmas either, but Christmas holidays are a good opportunity for me to go to Hong Kong and meet my grandma that I haven’t seen for half  a year. We have family lunches, just normal ones. Kevin Tien, Year 9 from Hong Kong

During Christmas holidays, we go to the mountains for skiing. We go to places in China where there is snow like Harbin, or Zhangbaishan, which is quite close to Shanghai. Yes, I believe it is like a family tradition since we do this every year. What do we like the most? Christmas trees!– Jasmine and Jacky, Year 7 from Hong Kong.

What I enjoy the most during Christmas is family coming back as I haven’t seen them for a long time. We are altogether just twice a year. What is special in this family gathering is our Christmas traditions, and the one that I like the most is decorating the tree. Oliver Robinson, Year 12 from USA.

During Christmas, my favorite thing is eating food – any food, my favorite song is Carol the Bells and my favorite activity is to opening the presents!!! Nathan Shih, Year 8 from USA – Philippines