Online learning with Riley

Written by:  Jennifer Stains, Year 4 Leader

E- learning has been a new challenge for us all. Some families have followed the daily schedule of online lessons and diligently completed all of the work on the blog posts. Others have been more flexible and creative with their schedules and expectations. Riley Ip, a Year 6 student, has spent her time getting lost in literacy and has written a book!

Being an author has required Riley to work through the formal writing process, including outlining, drafting, reviewing (many times) and then, finally, publishing. One of her earlier books, Monster Wars, is in the YCIS library for all students to enjoy. Obviously, books are written to be read and enjoyed by others, and this has encouraged Riley to continue with her writing passion.

Riley is currently working on her new book, Gem or Horror, and this will be 20 chapters long! Each book is a learning journey for Riley, as she continues to refine her skills as an author. It’s inspiring to see our students challenge themselves and take opportunities to open doors into an exciting world of literacy.

MonsterWars – Secret Memories – written by Riley

Monster Wars -True Power – written by Riley