K4 Transition to Year 1

Writers by:  Veronica Martin and Michelle Wang, ECE Coordinators

In a flash time has gone by, all K4 students are now thinking about Year 1, as l am sure all families are as well. K4 Teachers and Year 1 teachers have been thinking and planning for the successful transition of the students for a number of months.

Online learning in the ECE has offered the K4 students a window into Year 1. Primary learning is broken down into segments of learning: Mathematics, English, Chinese as well as other units of education. While participating in online learning K4 students also has their education broken into English, Chinese, Mathematics and co-teaching. Students were required to focus upon a task for a set period then often used SeeSaw to do homework that was passed to class teachers.

P.E, Music & EAL Teachers have also been working with the K4 students since September but also weekly during the online learning period. Violin appreciation is also occurring in the K4 classes each week.

During June all K4s took part in weekly sessions with the Year 1 teachers. The Year 1 teachers introduced a new programme called Reading Eggs. This programme is one that begun in class then move to the home environment over Summer. Reading Eggs is an interactive fun language program that will help support your child’s English learning.

The K4 students feel comfortable within the school and they know many of the Primary teachers, they use the music room, gym, cafeteria and play spaces. They have all grown so much during the campus closure period and are ready to take on the challenge of Year 1.

Below are some of their thoughts on going into Year 1.

Yuqi- I want to play with other year 1 people and play lots of games outside.
Noah- I will have story books and drink milk
Siyuan- I will draw and play with numbers, l will learn K, M, S, P, T
Chloe- I don’t know what to do in Year 1, we can play?