Learning Environments: Preparing our Students for the Future

Written by: Christine Carey, Head of Student Support/Learning Community Coordinator

At YCIS, we have committed to creating learning environments that do just that by moving toward learning communities over distinct classrooms. This year our Year 5, Year 6 and IB students have been able to learn with this collaborative approach in renovated spaces that encourage meaningful talk, movement and more student accountability. Next year we will extend learning communities concept to other areas of the school.

All teachers in learning communities this year have reported a significant change in their ability to communicate and collaborate to improve student learning since they are not confined to classrooms and separated by walls. In their own efforts to work together in year levels, they are modeling this approach for students. Leaders continue to think, discuss and communicate with others to direct a way forward. Teachers continue to learn, adapt and modify their teaching to best serve the students. These are all skills that we encourage our students to also embody.

We are very excited to host select primary staff members from YCIS Beijing who have been teaching in learning communities for several years now. They will meet with teachers, leaders and parents to offer insight into their journey so that we can benefit from their learning. We believe our parent community will be very interested in hearing how this approach to learning has impacted on student approaches to learning and achievement.

Our end goal is to immerse students in an environment where they are able to learn how to communicate effectively, work together with their peers, interpret problems critically and then solve them creatively. This is preparing them as the future leaders of our world.