Benjamin Kolf with the Rangers Football Club

Written by: Andrea Griego, Character Education & Life Skills Coordinator

Benjamin Kolf, also known as Benji, in Y6A is one of YCIS Pudong’s football stars. He is described as a “mad keen football player” by Athletic Director, Matt Uffindall and has represented the school in football since playing on the U8 league. As he has progressed through the school, he has had a number of opportunities to be coached by YCIS staff,  Multisports coaches, and in most recent years by the Glasgow Rangers Academy coaching staff.

The Glasgow Rangers Academy, exclusively hosted at YCIS Pudong, has provided YCIS students with high-level coaching staff that has helped grow not only their football skills but their collaboration and intrapersonal skills as a football team member. These skills have been key in developing a well-rounded athlete and have provided a unique opportunity for athlete, Benjamin Kolf.

Benji, during games and practices, caught the eye of Rangers Academy Head Coach Ross Fawcett. Benji displayed the skills and focus necessary to be considered for the elite program held in Glasgow this year. “When I was asked by Coach Ross whether I wanted to attend the Glasgow Rangers Elite Development Program in Scotland this year, I was at first a bit scared as I thought I had to travel on my own. But when my father told me that he’ll travel with me from Shanghai to Glasgow, I felt relieved and now I’m really looking forward to it” said Benji.

Not only is Benji excited about this opportunity, but his father is too, “Benji is a passionate football player and I’m very glad that he has been given the opportunity to attend such a camp at a professional football club. It will give him a unique chance to learn more about all angles of football. I’m confident that it will further develop his physical, technical and mental skills. It will also be good learning for him being together with other young football players and professional coaches outside of China.” His father also admits that he is looking forward to spending one week with Benji in Scotland and he’s sure they will have a lot of fun.

Good luck Benji and know that YCIS is rooting for you!