Student Focus: Ann Huang

Written by: Rodolfo Fieller, Secondary Science Teacher

Ann Huang is a Y13 student at YCIS Pudong, Century Park Campus. She is very passionate about the environment and deeply committed to environmental issues. Ann has spent a great deal of her time raising awareness and educating our students at YCIS on important issue about the environment. She is currently the main organizer and leader of both the Environmental Awareness Committee and Stop Single Use Shanghai.

The goal of the Environmental Awareness Committee is to raise awareness on environmental issues within our school and wider community. The committee also helps to minimize the use of single use plastics and educate students on the impact and hazards of using them.

As the student leader of the Environmental Committee, Ann planned and organized the following activities and events undertaken by committee members:

  • Initiating several promotional campaigns to raise awareness for climate action, by posting educational messages on the Daily News and putting up posters on TV screens.
  • Helping reduce the use of lamination and further promoted the use of paper recycling bins around the school.
  • Organizing with other committee members the Earth Hour event that took place in March of this year as well as raising awareness and proceeds for the Million Tree Project and Stop Single-Use Shanghai.

As the student leader of Stop Single-Use Shanghai, Ann planned and organized the following activities:

  • Helping with installation of drink dispensers in canteen, part of the movement for achieving plastic free campus,
  • Acting as the key figure in communication with the Executive Board of YCIS  which has led to adoption of reducing single use as an organization-wide policy.
  • Coming up with the agenda, setting meetings, following up on action points, liaising with school administration

Ann truly is a wonderful example of how students can make a big difference through their initiatives, leadership, perseverance and hard work.  She is preparing herself to be a leader of change in the world in the future, beyond school.  Ann and the students she is working with are living out the YCIS Mission, Principles and Practices.